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5 Iggy Azalea Inspired Make Up Tutorials

If you’re a fan of Iggy Azalea’s signature look then check out some great Iggy inspired make up tutorials here to try out yourself!

Source: Billboard

Source: Billboard

Iggy Azalea has taken the world by storm and with her newest single ‘Fancy’, we are simply loving it. The Australian beauty has it all, and if there’s one thing we can take from her its her sense in make up styling. We have hand picked for you 5 Iggy Azalea inspired make up tutorials to get you on your way to being one step closer to the star.

Priscilla Ono is Iggy’s make up artist creating her signature look with bold bright lipstick make her lips pop as well as huge eyeliner. She has a classic pin up look about her but with a new wave twist and it’s working pretty well. There are so many tutorials out there with girls who are absolutely loving this look, although its not just her make up but her on trend high pony tail as well that have people hooked on getting the look.

So without futher ado here are the five Iggy Azalea inspired make up tutorials:

Firstly Brittany Balyn demonstrates a classic Iggy Azalea look, which is really easy to follow and comes out with some great results. This is more of an everyday make up tutorial which isn’t based on one of Iggy’s music videos, so some great tips to pick up.


If you’re looking for a more of a night out kind of look inspired by Iggy Azalea then this is the tutorial for you. You can pick up some more great tips from Hannah Leigh, with the darker lipstick this is perfect for a night out or big occasion. The emphasis on getting the make up just right and keeping those cheekbones flawless is definitely a big part of getting the Iggy Azalea look.


Focusing now on Iggy’s on trend high pony tail Gabriella Scaringe shows us how it’s done so we too can steal the look for what could be any occasion. With this hair style it could be for a general day to day look or for a special occasion. This look doesn’t have a designated occasion stuck to it, so give it a go and see what you think.


Now to take a look specifically at the huge winged eyeliner. To perfect the look, Jessica Standley shows us just how it’s done in an easy step to step tutorial. Again this eyeliner trick is useful to use what ever the day maybe.


In Iggy’s music videos we can guarantee that she will look flawless, but with this final video Nikkie Tutorials demonstrates how to get Iggy’s look in her music video Change Your Life. If you’re looking for more of an exaggerated look or a look for dressing up with then check out how Nikkie does it, so you can get the look too. Using plenty of glitter and bold lipstick this is perfect for a big night!

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