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2000 Trees Festival’s 7 in 7 – VUKOVI

We chat to Vukovi’s Janine Shilstone on all things festival ahead of the band’s return to 2000 Trees festival this summer.

VUKOVI STATICAhead of Vukovi playing 2000 Trees this summer, we had a quick chat with Janine Shilstone not just about her previous 2000 Trees experience but the lowdown on festivals for the band in general.

MOSH: You covered a lot of festivals on the circuits last year, what was your highlight of last summer?

JS: Probably 2000 Trees because it was the first festival we did after our debut album came out and it was a full as fuck tent and Slam Dunk Birmingham purely because I witnessed a 6ft 5 bearded man with one lens in his sunglasses try to fly off the barrier while dapping at the same time. He looked liked my guardian angel.

MOSH: Do you have any previous experience of 2000 Trees?

JS: Last year was our first time playing it. Definitely favourite all round festival.

MOSH: What are your expectations from the festival this year?

JS: I’m predicting a better experience than last year as our fans have had a year with our debut album.

MOSH: What are your ultimate festival essentials?

JS: Glitter, vodka red bull, baby wipes.

MOSH: How do you find the difference between festivals like the heavier ones like Download compared to more mainstream festivals?

JS: Way better! The punters are class, super friendly and just there for the music.

MOSH: Your live shows are always very energetic, how do you find the difference between gigs and festivals?

JS: Completely different. Gigs are easier to win over the crowd. Festivals you get a mixed bag of your fans and people that are curious. So we don’t take any chances and become complacent and presume a festival crowd is gonna like is. Hence why we go balls out from start to finish.

MOSH: At the end of last year you went on tour with Pvris in Europe, how did you find the reaction outside of the UK?

JS: Everything we ever hoped for. The Europeans are even more passionate and loyal than our UK fans. We gained a lot of new fans on that tour and saw a massive spike in our social media pages.

MOSH: Your album is just over a year old now so when can we expect to get a new album through? Do you have anything planned?

JS: Album 2 is nearly written. All will be revealed very soon…

MOSH: You’d been together as a band for quite a while before you released your debut album, how was it putting together your first album?
JS: The timing was perfect for us and we were in the position where we were able to do it the way we wanted with the right team around us. Being patient and waiting for the right time was definitely the best decision for us.

MOSH: Have you found that the music industry has changed in the time you’ve been a band?

JS: It changes at an alarming rate that every band/artist has to adapt with.. You’re left behind if you can’t keep up.

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