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10 Songs We Want To Hear Avenged Sevenfold Play On Their Tour

This is the month that Avenged Sevenfold bring their new stage show and album to the UK so we put together a playlist of ten songs we want to hear them play

avenged sevenfold

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Seeing as this is the month that Avenged Sevenfold bring their incredible new stage show (get it?) and album to the UK, we decided to put together a playlist of ten songs we really want to hear them play live.

Yes, we’ve been a little greedy. Yes, we’ve picked quite a few songs that, chances are, they’re probably going to play anyway. But we didn’t actually realize until we looked back at it how many absolute bangers Avenged Sevenfold have in their repertoire. We do also feel a little bit guilty we’ve not picked anything from Nightmare, Waking The Fallen or Sound The Seventh Trumpet… But we did pick some of our favourites from The Stage, which is good because a) that album is a belter, and b) this is The Stage Tour after all.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the playlist. Or if you’re anything like us, prepare to air guitar like your life depends on it and scare old ladies up to 50 miles away by shouting: “Like me, motherfucker!”

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