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Women Sues Disney For $250 Million Claiming Frozen Is Based On Her Life Story!

What is she thinking?

Source: Walt Disney Company

So it appears a Peruvian author by the name of Isabella Tanikumi is suing the Walt Disney Company for $250 million claiming that Frozen is based on her life story!

She is claiming they have “plagiarized and copied the story, characters, and plots” from her autobiography entitled ‘Yearnings Of The Heart’ and turned it into Frozen. Hmmmm!

The Amazon description of the book states:

“This is a compelling, introspective account of the life of Isabella TaniKumi, who takes her readers on a journey through various phases of her remarkable life — from her family’s survival during the devastating earthquake of 1970 in Huaraz, Peru, to the trials of overcoming heartbreaks of her youth,” the description says. “Conquering personal insecurities led to exploring the reaches of her intellect while facing the tragic, and untimely death of her beloved sister, Laura.”

You can read some extracts from the book here.

Sounds like a load of old rubbish to us! What do you think?

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