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Is The Voice Lacking X Factor?

Is ‘The Voice’ Lacking A Certain X Factor? We take a look at why ‘The Voice’ fails to produce any moderately selling artists.

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When The Voice  debuted in the United States nearly four years ago, everyone was going crazy for it. And they still do. In fact, the completely original, and somewhat genius, format of judging a singer on their voice and not judging them on their appearance, took the world by storm and it soon became a huge franchise. It inevitably came over to the UK and generated massive interest from the public.

It was refreshing, unique, and different. The idea of judging someone purely on their voice, with judges backs turned to them, preventing them from making assumptions, seemed like a winning formula. And it is, sort of. Every year, millions of people tune into BBC1 to watch The Voice, just like they do with The X Factor. However, as entertaining as it is, I wonder why we watch it all. Because, as of yet, The Voice is yet to produce anyone who has experienced any level of success. So it begs the question: is The Voice lacking X Factor?

Ricky Wilson recently said that The Voice is all about building artists from the show up and that we can expect to hear from the further down the line, and that they don’t produce flashes in the pan. Of course, as a someone who is contracted to publicly endorse the show, he has to say this, but the truth of the matter is that his sentiments could not be further from the truth. The reality of the show is that they do not produce anything in the pan. Not even a glimmer, yet alone a flash.

It is not even as though there is not a strong enough reason to watch the show. All of the judges thus far are successful and talented singers, songwriters and producers. Qualities that hardly any X Factor judges have ever possessed. And the same goes for the U.S. version, with people such as Christina Aguilera, Shakria and Usher putting their names to the show but still failing to produce anyone remotely successful.

Despite attaching high profile and successful singers to serve as judges to the unique format, it is almost impossible to name any contestant from the show. Whereas when one thinks of it’s arch-nemesis The X Factor, we are able to recall the names of nearly everyone who has been on it, especially in the last five years. It seems the only thing that The Voice is missing is Simon Cowell and the clout that he brings to the show. As for the U.S. version, it looks as though it is destined for the same fate as The X Factor USA because it simply could not compete with American IdolThere’s only room for one big singing competition and The Voice is not quite big enough to be so on either side of the pond. It’s a shame, because when it comes down to which format is best, The Voice wins hands down.

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