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Top 10: Pharrell Williams Moments

Skateboard P is an artist who has spread his reach into all corners of our popular culture. Therefore, we have put together a list of his most important and influential moments.

Inside the walled sphere of artistic expression there is a very special group of individuals who can only be described as faultless. The combination of natural talent and relentless luck has allowed individuals such as Quincy Jones, Rick Rubin and Nile Rodgers to be exceptionally successful no matter what artistic medium they pursue. This is of course a group which so many people aim for, but so few actually get anywhere near. However, in the last decade there is one man who has come closer than anyone else to the heavens of creative brilliance, and that man is Pharrell Williams.

His diverse wisdom and sheer ingeniousness is no secret throughout much of our society, and he has always held his own influential position within music. Though, over the last decade he has stepped into almost all corners of our popular culture and has a CV which displays his monumental talent within mediums such as hip hop, pop music, EDM, clothing, art, films, and even his own creations. Therefore, because of his relevance with regards to pretty much every aspect of your modern culture that you probably enjoy, we have put together his top 10 most important and influential moments.


10. Ma$e ‘Lookin At Me’ 

In the early 90’s Pharrell and Chad Hugo formed a group called The Neptunes, which today is one of the most prominent and epic producing groups on the planet. Though, in the early 90’s they were pretty much unknown until they crafted Ma$e’s ‘Lookin At Me’, which truly announced the arrival of that ‘Neptunes sound’. The Neptunes’ sound is a distinctive brand of off-kilter, stripped-down electronic funk with sounds from Middle Eastern and Asian music including percussion and woodwind. Even though this song wasn’t the automatic hit that they are now accustom to, it brought to light a brand new and loved urban sound.

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