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Summertime Playlist

Listen to Hit The Floor’s summertime playlist. Including classics like ‘Boys Of Summer’, ‘Hey Ya’ and many more.


Photo Credit: butler.corey via Compfight cc

Yes, summer is here and the sun has got his hat on backwards and he’s sipping on a Pimms (other drinks are available). Obviously as soon as anyone has a festival to go to or a week off  for bbqs and sunbathing, the skies will turn to grey and rain will pour down from the clouds and unleash a never ending misery for all.

Until then, why not plug into our Hit The Floor summertime playlist featuring all the usual sun related tracks and a whole lot more? We have ‘Boys Of Summer’ ,but who needs Don Henley when The Ataris have done such a great cover?

Remember the 90s? Well of course you, so we have got Len’s ‘Steal My Sunshine’, ‘Drinking In LA’  by Bran Van 300 (what ever happened to them ?) and some Brit Pop fair with Blur and Supergrass.

Fancy a chill by the pool ? Enjoy some De La Soul and Bob Marley. Want to party? Well, captain party himself Andrew WK is on board…. in fact the only thing missing is maybe Will Smith, but sometimes it pays to not be so obvious!

Slap on the sun tan, show off your white bits and listen to 25 of the finest summer tunes our little blue planet can offer. Remember to drink plenty of fluid and to wait a good hour after eating before swimming. Hit The Floor is not responsible for any sun-fun mishaps!

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