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Jasz Vegas – Killer Magic | Interview | August 2014

We recently spoke to burlesque magician Jasz Vegas about her experience on BBC Three’s upcoming show, Killer Magic

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Jasz Vegas is a burlesque magician about to star on BBC Three’s upcoming magic show, Killer Magic. We recently spoke to her about her experiences on the show, her thoughts on the modern magic world and how she entered the dangerous world of magic.


HTF: Tell us about your upcoming appearance in BBC Three’s new show, Killer Magic?

JV: In my new show, Killer Magic, I perform alongside 4 other Magicians (Dee Christopher, Ben Hart, Damien O’Brien and Chris Cox) who are good friends of mine. Each week we all perform a trick based around a theme, for example the pilot’s theme was food. We then all score each other out of 10 and whoever has the lowest score has to face a Killer Trick! A Killer Trick is a trick that has either killed or injured a magician in the past.

HTF: Can you talk us through how you were approached to take part in the show?

JV: The production company, Objective Productions, searched the UK for unique and different Magicians and invited us in for a chat about the show.

HTF: You’re labelled as a “Burlesque Magician”. Can you elaborate on this for us?

JV: I am a Magician and Burlesque Dancer, and sometimes I like to mix the two!

HTF: As the only woman appearing on Killer Magic, do you think you have an advantage over your four fellow magicians?

JV: I don’t believe that being the only woman on the show gives me an advantage. I don’t think it matters what gender you are, as long as you are performing great magic!

HTF: With a name like Killer Magic, you’d expect some pretty deadly tricks. Could you tell us the most controversial trick you’ve ever performed?

JV: If I told you I’d have to kill you *cheeky wink*. You’ll have to catch the show on BBC Three to find out!

HTF: What sparked your interest in magic originally?

JV: When I was 12 I was bought a magic kit. I used to perform magic shows for my family and my love for magic and performance grew from there.

HTF: What sort of things do you have to do to stand out to an audience and get noticed?

JV: Just be you! You have no greater strength than your own personality. “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde

HTF: It seems there are more and more women entering the world of magic & illusion, do you think times have changed since the early days of ‘the magician and his lovely assistant’?

JV: I think, as with anything, times have moved on. Women have the choice and freedom nowadays to be whatever they want to be and follow their passions. As more and more women get into magic it will spark interest from more ladies.

HTF: Do you think that magic is as popular as it was 10 years ago?

JV: Definitely! Magic changes with the times and this will always captivate an audience.

HTF: Lastly, could you tell us your favourite magic trick of all time?

JV: My favourite trick of all time?! That’s a hard one! Some of my favourites include Simon Drake’s Silhouette Act, Lance Burton’s Dove Act, David Copperfield’s Flying and Soma’s Phone Act.

Take a look at Jasz Vegas’ scene on the pilot episode of her upcoming TV show, Killer Magic for BBC Three.

The full series will be airing later this year.

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