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Jade Avia | Interview | August 2014

Hit The Floor recently caught up with the lovely Jade Avia, co-host of Capital Xtra Breakfast Show.

Source: Nasryne Ramazannezhad

Hit The Floor recently caught up with the lovely Jade Avia, co-host of Capital Xtra Breakfast Show, host of The Chart Show for Emirates in flight entertainment and presenter of her own Sunday Evening show. We found out how Avia became a presenter, upcoming bands and her personal fashion stlye. Read on to find out what she had to say.

HTF: Hi Jade. How’re you?

JA: Yeah I’m really good thanks, I’m slightly tired from an event I went last night, which was called Music Potential but yeah I’m really good!

HTF: For our readers who haven’t heard of you, tell us a little bit about yourself.

JA: My name is Jade Avia I am a breakfast radio presenter and I do Sundays show from 4-8pm on Sunday! So.. yeah that’s me in a nutshell! And I have a big afro!

Source: Nasryne Ramazannezhad

HTF: Have you always wanted to be a presenter? How did you get into it?

JA: When I was younger I wanted to be a singer, but then I got into university I decided that actually it was more realistic for me to be a radio presenter and I fell in love in radio because you can judge me with my personality.

HTF: What’s your personal music taste like?

JA: Genuinely I love everything that we play at Capital XTRA. I’m a massive fan of house, RNB hip hop and anything that sounds good. I know it’s random to say but I love Taylor Swift, nothing better than a  singalong to ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ in the kitchen!

HTF: Are there any up and coming bands/artists you’re excited about right now? If so who and why?

JA: Vanessa Elisha really excited about her new music
Sasha Keable – amazing voice, interested to see what she comes with as an album!
Jess Glyne – really cool looking forward to seeing her solo projects, 2 top three singles in the same week. Really excited to see what she can do on her own!

HTF: We live in an age where culture and artistic license is expressed through visuals. Do you think music and fashion go hand in hand?

JA: Definitely, I think that every music culture. Music is not music, it’s a culture, every music taste has a fashion sense. Music does have imagery, sad to see that people forget what their own style is because of so much imagery (Instagram). Be nice for people to get back to who they really are! We need to embrace it. With loads of music artists now with a fashion range, there a big crossover, like Rihanna and River Island.

Source: Nasryne Ramazannezhad

HTF: Whats your personal style like?

JA: Camden/ Shoreditch – different! Comfortable but at the same time bright and colourful. Stand out from the crowd not blending in, hence the afro and piercing!

HTF: Are there any musicians you think have excellent style?

JA: Jess Glyne style – new video, looks effortless. When people try too hard it’s so boring.

HTF: What are your major fashion no-nos?

JA: Light denim but jeans on a guy double denim, kitten heels, and red and pink! If you’re hot enough you can style it out!

HTF: Finally what advice would you give to others who want to become a presenter?

JA: I would say, create your own fanbase, youtube, facebook, twitter, instagram, study your craft, what kind of industry you want to get into, network with people, positive mental attitude!

Interviewer: Emma Matthews

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