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Footsie | Interview | April 2014

We caught up with grime’s King Original Footsie for an exclusive HTF interview, check out right here!

From the heart of Newham, East London, comes Footsie, the grime veteran MC/producer who’s still keeping the heat rolling in the scene. Formerly a member of N.A.S.T.Y. Crew, Footsie has kept his name ablaze since the early ages of grime, and is now one half of the unparalleled duo Newham Generals, a monster collab with none other than grime’s ‘farda’ D Double E. Newham Gens are signed to Dizzee Rascal’s Dirtee Stank Records, and under that label have produced a handsome array of releases, including the critically acclaimed ‘Generally Speaking’.

Footsie as a solo artist is making big movements. Showcasing his talent on the Newham General Rinse FM show along with the likes of DJ Tubby, he is a strong producer in his own right, which has been presented in ‘King Original’ EP series. The series ‘Vol.1-3’ showcases Footsie’s ability in compilations of 20+ heavy classic beats (‘King Original’ named after his dad’s sound system). With recent release of ‘King Original Vol.3, Hit The Floor thought it no better time to catch Footsie for an exclusive interview.

Footsie! Thanks for sparing some time to chat to us. Firstly, what’s been going on? What have the Newham Generals and yourself been up to?

Well King Original 3 came out last week and has been doing really well. The latest Newham Generals single ‘PIFF’ is also out now and has also been doing really well. So I’ve just been busy working. I have some SICK new EPs with various artists in the pipeline as well as another Newham Generals album.

How did you find the KO3 project?

I found the project fun to make and I put a lot into it. I wanted King Original 3 to stand out – it’s the most important volume for me as it’s my most recent work. It needed to have progression in the sound and showcase my growth as a producer. Also if you’d never heard a beat of mine before, KO3 needed to catch your ear with some interesting music and I think it’s done that.

Is it living up to your own expectations?

So far yes. In fact I think it’s even surpassed my initial hopes as the reach on this one has been much bigger than the others. I’ve been hearing tracks from the release on radio, in raves and in mixes so I’m happy.

For someone who’s not heard but wants to download it, what’s the highlight moment or moments on KO3?

It changes day by day but for me right now it’s tracks like Bubblers, Battery, Cold Winter and Tekky. Each of them are unique-sounding and show the new path I’m taking.

King Original, you and D Double have set the bar for originality in the scene. Are there any up and coming artists that you would label ‘Prince Original’?

There’s a few good young artists in the scene right now, a lot of promise. I like Merky Ace from Family Tree and have work with him soon be released. I think he has that raw, original Grime energy from when it was started, but still sounds fresh.

Is there much in the pipeline for Dirtee Stank? Any future work with Dizzee?

There’s loads in the pipeline with Dirtee Stank and Dizzee. There’s the Newham Generals projects I mentioned before, and I’ve produced some tracks that Dizzee’s vocalled that are due to be released soon so keep locked. Dirtee Stank’s the label!

Any artists you’re looking to collab with?

Again, I’ve done a few collabs that haven’t been released yet so I don’t want to give too much away. Collabs are important because you get a chance to work with someone outside your normal zone and explore a new side of yourself through working with them.

We’ve previously seen you on Lord of the Mics, are there any artists on recent series that have caught your eye and would you ever make second appearance?

I liked the recent LOTM! There’s some good clashes on there and a lot of jokes. I don’t think I’d make another appearance, but if I did I’d only clash someone that’s been in the scene for along as I have.

We’re aware you get international bookings, what country shows the most love?

I think there’s a few countries that show love. Czech Republic, Croatia, France, Sweden – America too. I think any booking abroad is love because Grime is such a small scene, to be recognised around the world for this is love to me.

What character do you use on Street Fighter? And more importantly, who’s better, you or D Double E?

I use Ken or Ryu depending on how I’m feeling. One day I might want the heavier punch and kick of Ryu, the next I might be feeling the speed of Ken. I think I’m a touch better at Streetfighter than Dubs – but I would say that innit! I think Dubs would probably say the same thing about me.

Finally, we’d just like to thank you for your time! Is their anything else you’d say the people out there?

I’d like to say thanks to the fans for the support! Cop King Original 3 and ‘PIFF’ if you haven’t done so already and stay locked to Newham Gens, there’s still a lot more to come, you won’t be disappointed!

Download King Original Vol.3 from iTunes ‘here‘.

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