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Actors Who Could Give Zoolander A Run For His Money

After Zoolander and Hansel made a long awaited comeback at this seasons PFW Maison Valentino show, we take a look at other actors who could have been models. See who made our list here!

Source: Zoolander Official Facebook

Derek Zoolander and his new BFF Hansel took to the catwalk the other week after a fourteen year break, modelling for Maison Valentino‘s Paris Fashion Week show. It was a huge comeback for the characters played by Ben Stiller (Zoolander) and Owen Wilson (Hansel) who first appeared in the film Zoolander over a decade ago, back in 2001. The surprise appearance marked their return and it was revealed a sequel would be coming out this year, to many fans delight. It was funny to see two actors reprise their comedy roles for such a serious and huge show like Valentino, and despite the pout mocking “Blue Steel” face Stiller has perfected, the pair looked amazing in the beautiful Valentino Autumn/Winter 2015-16 outfits. We began to wonder, why have more actors not been asked to enter the fashion world and take a stroll down the catwalk? Here are some of the actors we think could give Derek Zoolander and Hansel a run for their money.

Source: Pinterest

Will Smith

Will Smith has already got a range of careers under his belt. Not only is he an actor who can play himself in a variety of different situations, he’s also a rapper and an excellent dancer too. But with his tall, skinny frame, unique looks and distinctive characteristics, we think Will would make a great model too. He could add an urban edge to any catwalk, styling his looks with his signature sidewards and flat peak caps from the Fresh Prince. With his sporty style, we bet Alexander Wang and Nasir Mazhar would be fighting to get him in their shows.

Source: Sherlock Homes

Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. is definitely one of the sassiest men in Hollywood. He certainly has enough attitude and confidence to make it as a successful model. Like many models, his style has been very experimental in the past and he once wore a completely silver, shiny suit with a transparent top covered in sequins, which was a very Zoolander thing to do.


Johnny Depp

Vivienne Westwood could have used Johnny back in 1981 when her famous ‘Pirate’ collection came out. Having already seen him in similar costumes, we know he would have been perfect as the face of the collection. His hilarious character Captain Jack Sparrow‘s drunken walk would also add a new and entertaining edge to what could otherwise be very predictable performances by other models.

Source: Sherlock

Benedict Cumberbatch

With cheekbones like Cumberbatch’s you’re almost guaranteed a place in the model books. Imagine him shooting the Blue Steel at you with his striking blue eyes as he struts his stuff down the catwalk. He can work any look, from military, as we saw in War Horse and Parade’s End, to human experiment gone wrong in Frankenstein. With his English charm, he’d be the perfect Burberry man.


Paul Rudd

As wonderful as Ron Burgundy is, it’s Brian Fantana we’d like to see modelling for Valentino and Versace. He’s sexy, looks great in a suit and would leave a distinctive scent that is sure to have women weak at the knees as he walked by. His style and ego could take him far in the modelling world, plus he also has an excellent moustache and looks just as amazing with a range of different hairstyles, including a perm.


Kit Harington

Kit has already got some experience in the modelling world, starring in the Jimmy Choo Autumn/Winter 14 campaign. He’s not really tall enough to make it as a model at 5ft 8 but we think designers would still love to have him in their shows. He’s got a great body, a great face and he’s totally perfected that smouldering, distant gaze as you can see in his most famous role Jon Snow for Game of Thrones.

Source: The Kingdom

Jamie Foxx

The handsome Jamie Foxx is another multi-talented man who we think could add modelling to his list of careers. He’s got the looks, the character and the style to rival Derek Zoolander. He’d be the classic gentleman walking for the likes of Givency and Dior Homme.

Source: Colonel Stars and Stripes

Jim Carrey

In the model world we imagine Jim would be known as ‘The Face’. He is known for his ability to pull faces that are both hilarious and scary and we’d love to see him have a go at the ‘Blue Steel’ pose from Zoolander. He’s also one of the jolliest actors around so he’d be sure to liven up any catwalk and put a smile on everyone’s face.

Source: Nightcrawler Official Faceook Page

Jake Gyllenhaal

After seeing him in Nightcrawler, we think Jake could pull off a move into the world of modelling. Jake had to undergo a body transformation for the role and ended up looking a lot leaner than his normal self. He even had gum flavoured to trick his brain into thinking he had eaten a meal, that is such a model thing to do. Although he did have great cheekbones in the film, we think he’d be just as great in his usual more buff shape.

Source: The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou Facebook

Bill Murray

Ok so this one is a long shot. You might be thinking, what have Bill Murray and David Gandy got in common? How could Bill ever be a model? Well, he’s just got it. He looks sassy in a wetsuit, he can rock a khaki jumpsuit and looks suave in a suit. He’s also absolutely hilarious and would be like a male Cara Delevigne only even funnier.

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