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The Truth | Kier Kemp Of Fearless Vampire Killers Saves Fly From Jar Of Marmalade

Fly wedged in marmalade saved in heroic act!

Source: Official Promo

In a heroic moment of bravery Kier Kemp, vocalist, guitarist of Fearless Vampire Killers, managed to save a fly who was just about to be stuck inside a jar of Marmalade.

Kier was alerted to the scene after hearing a strange buzzing and immediately leapt to the action after seeing the bug struggling for it’s life.

“I was just sat watching Storage Hunters and heard something in the kitchen. As soon as I saw what had happened it I just had to help. I like to help things. I once helped an old man pick up a slug purely for fun.”

Using a toothpick as a wedge, Kier managed to free the fly who had caught it’s leg in a segment of orange piff.

The local RSPCA representative has told us the fly is fine and currently out and about in a field somewhere.

All information is 0% correct at time of printing and always from unreliable sources

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