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Teenage Time Killers – Greatest Hits Vol. 1 | Album Review

Teenage Time Killers is rock’s latest supergroup, and surely the mother of all supergroups. But have they managed to create an album as epic as their roster?

Source: Album Artwork

Source: Album Artwork

Super groups have been all the rage, but the collision of different bands can be tricky business that can easily result in a flop, or it can potentially be an absolute game changer. First things first, there is no doubt that Teenage Time Killers are truly the mother of all super groups.

The brainchild of Corrosion of Conformity‘s Reed Mullin, My Ruin guitarist Mick Murphy and producer John “Lou” Lousteau; the band’s 24 track album features some of the biggest names in rock – boasting a roster featuring everyone from Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) pitching in on a major proportion of bass duties, to Greg Anderson (Sun O)))) slaying the guitar on quite a few tracks, to some of the biggest leading men lending their voices: Randy Blythe (Lamb of God), Corey Taylor (Slipknot, Stone Sour), Matt Skiba (Alkaline Trio) to name a few.

It isn’t easy to pick out tracks from such a vast catalogue, especially when no single part is representative of the whole. There’s the stoner rock vibes of ‘Crowned by the Light of the Sun’ for when you’re feeling light on your feet.  ‘Ode to Hannity’ for when you want to hear Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys) screaming the John Cleese poem. Matt Skiba (Alkaline Trio) and Brian Baker (Bad Religion) for when you need some punk goodness as you’re driving with the top down. Or if your cup of tea is something a little rowdier there’s ‘Ignorant People’, though only a minute and a half long, shit definitely hits the fan.

With such a large group of musicians coming together for a collective mosh out on a single record, it’s a little difficult to expect anything other than 24 standalone tracks. There isn’t an identical direction everyone has agreed to power towards and as a result it doesn’t necessarily feel like an ‘album’ – you know, one with a theme and evident progression. That’s why its title Greatest Hits Vol. 1 is very fitting, as that’s what it is; hits put together by your favourite musicians on a mixtape of sorts. But hey, having an album full of bangers ranging across genres beats having 20+ musicians performing on a number of sub-par tracks. So, our verdict: Vol. 2 soon then?

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