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Marc Halls – Born Into Light | EP Review

Marc Halls of Hey Vanity has released an EP as part of his acoustic solo career – check out what we thought!

Marc Halls - Born Into Light

Caption: EP Artwork

Singer-songwriter Marc Halls is best known for being the former vocalist of Fei Comodo, and now of Hey Vanity, but after writing some material that didn’t quite fit in to the alt rock style that the latter emits, he put it all together in an acoustic solo EP Born Into Light. The 7-track record boasts similarities to other acoustic artists who have stemmed from bands, such as Nick Santino and William Beckett, but Halls manages to put a kitsch and rather British spin on it that sets his music apart from the rest of the crowd.

In the short but sweet presentation that is Born In To Light, things begin with ‘Open Ended Stories‘, a track that Halls has offered up as a free download on his SoundCloud page here. One of those songs that simply has the sound of a leading track, its huge chorus and folk-infused melody show that it’s definitely aiming to please. Following on is ‘Next Time‘, which is a little gentler and more stripped-down than it’s predecessor, making it the ideal track for any bed time playlist.

Amoured Cloak‘ is the best example of just how strong Halls’ vocals are, with the range he shows off going beyond what anyone would think he would be capable of. His style might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s definitely a go-to for anyone looking for something cheerful and sweet that doesn’t require too much thinking in order to listen through it.

Connor’s Song‘ is the last studio recorded track that is offered, another quiet gem, before listeners are treated to two live tracks, ‘Follower‘ and ‘Air Supply‘, that give you an idea of what you’d be hearing if you were to attend one of Marc Halls’ shows. It’s actually an interesting concept, as some artists are brilliant on record, with the help of production, but can’t seem to cut it live – Halls shows that he’s more than capable of keeping up both ends of his performance, proving the extent of his talent.

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