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First Teaser Poster For Bananaman Revealed

First teaser poster for the cinematic debut of the man-of-peel Bananaman revealed by Elstree Studio.

Source: Bananaman

Source: Bananaman

35 years ago John Geering created the potassium-based superhero Bananaman who has featured in the beloved children’s comics of yesteryear The Beano and The Dandy.

Recently, a teaser poster for the cinematic debut of the ‘man-of-peel’ appeared from Elstree Studio, however, there is no word yet on anything to do with a studio, director, voice-actors or story.

In a tribute to traditional superhero tropes, ordinary schoolboy Eric Wimp is transformed into the yellow-clad Bananaman upon eating one of the titular fruits, gaining superpowers and combating evil-doers.

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