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Facility 31

Facility 31
is an upcoming feature film from Mark Kenna, the co-founder and producer of Bad Blood Films and writer/director David Hawk the first of a slate of  5 Horror films with the aforementioned writer David Hawk. Facility 31 is about a group of military prisoners who are tasked with cleaning a remote, dilapedated military bunker. Dishonoured medical doctor, Rosie, thinks her nightmares have come true when the officer in charge is the same person who court martialled her but when one of the prisioners disappears and a power surge sends the facility into lockdown, Rosie has to overcome her guilt and confront an enemy from her past, shrouded in mystery who has unleashed a terrifying secret fromt he depths of the bunker that threatens to tear them all apart.

The Swindon based movie maker has recently searched for funds at the Cannes Film Festival for investment and distribution with an amazing investment trailer sent out (Unfortuantly it is not available to the general public right now but trust me it’s amazing!). A cast and crew of 27 people took part in the shoot at an eery bunker in South Devon. The film

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