Review: Wild Cub – ‘Youth’ (Album)

wild cub youthArtist: Wild Cub
Release: Youth
Release date: 14th January 2013

Wild Cub released their debut album ‘Youth’ last week and it is the perfect chill out record.

Nashivlle duo Keegan Dewitt and Jeremy Bullock have compiled this album to feature the perfect mix of music that echoes calmness as well as vibrance.

‘Thunder Clatter’ has to be one of my favourite tracks from the album. It’s got the perfect upbeat melody that’s blends wonderfully with Keegan Dewitt’s voice, which resembles the likes of John Mayer. The whole album is full of great synth-pop songs, ranging from the energetic ‘Colour’, and the catchy ‘Wishing Well’ to the more peaceful track ‘Water’.

Speaking about the album, front man Keegan Dewitt said: “The entire purpose of Wild Cub and this debut LP was to pursue something that’s always been my primary taste and desire as an artist, the moment versus the topical. I often try and describe the lyrics and the songs themselves as still photographs with air moving through them. Walker Percy called it the “sad little happiness”. The idea of small moments, something Antonioni knew really well. The unintentional moment aside that is fact, the arrival of something.”

The album title and album artwork both really reflect ‘Youth’, making it the perfect soundtrack to fulfill nostalgia needs. It’s an electro-pop album full of a wide range of instruments and psychedelic melodies, which makes this record stand out as something different.


Reviewer: Sophie Sinclair

‘Youth‘ is out now. Make sure you have a listen to it below!

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