Review: This Many Boyfriends – Tina Weymouth (Single)

imagesBand: This Many Boyfriends
Release: Tina Weymouth (Single)
Release date: Out Now

 This Many Boyfriends have unveiled a new single called ‘Tina Weymouth’ and are bringing back the 80’s voices style mixed with their pop/indie roots in the process. ‘Tina Weymouth’ is the latest single from the band’s debut, self-titled album out now under Angular Records.

“I took all those childish things and threw them all away.” Sings vocalist Richard. “And these films will go away. And these records they might stay. Or I might be a better person when I’m without them.” As other band members scream along at the chorus line, “You can’t have your love forever”. The song is nostalgic, the rhythm is languishing and the voice moaning; yet it doesn’t sound like an old man mumbling on his past but has a sweet, bitter taste and the usual pop innocence that This Many Boyfriends seem to conceive.

With this new single, you feel that This Many Boyfriends have evolved from their EP, ‘I Should Be A Communist’, where the band sounds more nerdy and alternative. In this new single, This Many Boyfriends are more mature, moving on from previous mistakes and have definitely sharpened their sound. They are securing themselves a place with a tour promoting their debut album in the UK and Europe.


Reviewer: Alice Quintana

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