Review: The Shallow – Hope In Hell (EP)

The Shallow - Hope In HellBand: The Shallow
Release: Hope In Hell (EP)
Release Date: Out Now

It’s not often you can find a new band who know exactly how they want to sound. The Shallow, however, are one of those pleasant surprises. Their creative combination of metal and hardcore might not sound like the most original thing to your ears, but that’s not to suggest that it isn’t bloody good (because it is).

It’s a shame though, that their debut, ‘Hope In Hell‘, is only four songs long. Having said that, it’s damn impressive that an EP so short can still be so engaging and interesting. Opener ‘Twin Peaks’ takes it’s time to kick off, but it’s poignant ambience sets up the soaring ‘Father’ perfectly. Technical riffs and heavy-as-fuck breakdowns coat the towering choruses to create a sound so convincing for a band so young.

Death Of A Thick Skinned Animal’ and ‘Diamond Wretch’ don’t stray away from this formula either… but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – right? There’s a real listenable quality about The Shallow that not only makes you want to come back for more; it allows you to find something new to love in every listen. The desperate pain in vocalist Christopher Wells’ screams as he roars “Give me back my freedom!” in the closing minutes of the EP really strike a chord, and he’s a genuine credit to the band.

The Shallow are easily one of the most exciting bands to come out of 2012, and with any luck, 2013 will bring them great success.


Reviewer: Emily Carter

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