Review: Run From Robots – Roads That Don’t Lead Home (EP)

Band: Run From Robots
Release: Roads That Don’t Lead Home (EP)
Release Date: Out Now

Bristol based pop punk band Run From Robots have released a brand new EP and all four of the tracks are typical of the genre. In a scene over run with hardcore bands it’s a breath of fresh air to hear straight upbeat pop punk music.

EP opener ‘You Might Rumble But You’re Louder Than Thunder’ is full of energy and excitement and contains all the elements traditional  of the genre. The opening sounds reminiscent of giants of the scene New Found Glory, and the impeccably fast guitar riffs are hugely enticing. Staying true to it’s title the track is loud, crashing and straight up in your face. The vocals fit the nature of the music but are sometimes on the quiet side, sadly the vocals just don’t quite seem strong enough.

‘Sleepless Days and Endless Nights’ is much of the same with fast drums and guitars, but fortunately the vocals are of a high calibre than the opener with the addition of  the obligatory shout out gang vocals alongside an upbeat, positive and uplifting chorus. The chugging guitars, infectious sound and angst ridden punk nature is everything we’ve all grown up to love in the genre, the music is what you’d expect if you mixed Blink 182 and New Found Glory up, yet made them British!

‘This Bus Is Damned’ has a stronger melody than it’s predecessors and is musically a clever track with such a catchy chorus hook you’ll feel you know the track after one listen. Closer ‘Assume This Songs For You’ follows the same generic pattern: it has the fast parts, the slowed down parts, the gang vocals, the catchy beats and the traditional fade down at the end. It’s well produced but slightly clique.

The EP may sound like every other pop punk band you’ve heard over the past decade but credit where credits due if you’re going to write a pop punk EP this is exactly how you should write it! If pop punk is your genre of choice then chances are you’re going to love this EP because what’s not to like?! Next time our sights are set for slightly higher though!


Reviewer: Rhian Westbury

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