Review : Flosstradamus – X (X1, X2 & X3) (EP)

Flosstradamus-XO-EP-ArtworkArtist: Flosstradamus
Release: X (X1, X2, &X3) (EP)
Release Date: Out Now

Flosstradamus are intriguing. Being a newcomer to checking this Chicago-based electronic trap duo, it feel like we have been missing out on something special.
Flosstradamus have released a trilogy of EP’s titled ‘X1‘, ‘X2‘, and ‘X3‘, via Mad Decent. All with three songs each on them. But rather annoyingly, we cannot put the said symbols which are supposed to go up. But that is no worry… so we shall do a short review for each EP!

Things get off to a nice little start on ‘Deaf‘ with some light synths, which then pulsates in to an absolutely unforgiving and sublimely smooth sub-bass which threatens to rupture stereo systems worldwide. Mixed in with some great glitch style vocal samples and with a rather nostalgic 90’s dance feel, whilst combining elements of hip-hop, house, and dubstep to equal measure.

Drak Knight‘ leans further towards progressive house territory, but once again… THAT crushing yet smooth sub-bass comes crashing back in! Some great hip-hop style percussion included in to the fray before drops… and good grief, some modulated, distorted and angular synth stabs take over in to a frenzy of sonic art which literally drives you to dance like a goon.

Rounding off the EP is ‘Twark‘. Some cleverly edited vocal samples in this, with some yet reminiscent 90’s style synths combined with elements of modern filtered EDM breaks.

In the second part of the trilogy, ‘X2‘ kicks off with ‘2Nite‘. This is particularly a standout track, because of the amazing balance and transition between gritty ghettotech, ambient EDM, and trap. The addition of guest collaboraters Headhunterz and Noisecontrollers, just adds to the strength to this particular composition. Three minutes of sheer brilliance.

ITH‘ follows on from this with a more dubstep influenced track for the first half, until the song transcends in to a bizarre mix between trap and low-end techno. Once again, there is some great editing on the vocal sample, which is saturated with reverb, but makes for a great hook in consistency with the song.

The last part of this chapter is with the song ‘T2‘. Unfortunately for any curious heads, no, Arnie does not feature on this track despite the song title. But even so, this is quality. It does not pack the same impact as the previous tunes, but it leaves some breathing space for the final part of the trilogy.

And so to what is the best track out of the compilation of EP’s, ‘External L1F3‘. This song is just flat out awesome. It contains some insane synth breaks, vocal samples, and the whole flow of this track is just smooth as hell. Even with some added inclusion of influences ranging from glitch and IDM.

Suckerz‘ is probably the most commercially accessible track on the entire compilation. The instant impression of this song is to imagine Deadmau5 low-riding with Ludacris. You will see what we mean…

Finally we come to the closing song ‘Details‘. An absolute belter of a closing tune, full with a low end frequency assault, and probably the most ghettotech influenced song on the compilation.

Overall, we have a consistent medley of EP’s which piece together to make a relentless, and utterly well-produced collection of tunes. Being new to the genre of ‘trap’, it might just sound somewhat bias of these EP’s, but we assure that is not the case.

There are a couple of songs which are slightly weaker than the rest of them, and the compositions could arguably be seen as ‘amateur’ by many an electronic music fan with an elitist stance. Perhaps so, but with tunes as great as these, can you really be bothered to argue? This is top-notch.


Reviewer: James Matthews

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