Live Review: Dinosaur Jr. – Brighton Concorde 2 – 02/03/13

dinosaur-jrArtist: Dinosaur Jr.
Brighton, Concorde 2
2nd February 2013

Who likes moshpits then? Well if your a Dinosaur Jr. fan attending one of their gigs the chances are you may want to prepare yourself for an epic one. That and bring earplugs to take the edge off the five Marshall double cabinets on stage.

So now it’s established that it’s going to be loud and intense, you’d expect yourself prepared for the Dinosaur Jr. gig experience right? Well yes and no is the answer. But we’ll come to that later.

Starting the nights proceedings are Little Barrie, a retro garage rock band fronted by a face you may recognise. Frontman and guitarist Barrie Cadogan is also the touring guitarist for Primal Scream and what becomes apparent very quickly is that let off the leash Barrie has a sack of killer surf style riffs to unleash on the world. The drums roll while the guitars rock, it’s as simple as that. Plus the band are stylish fuckers too.

Now as I promised, back to the headliners. Dinosaur Jr. have been playing since 1984 and it certainly shows. J Macsis is quick to show why he’s constantly rated in the ‘top 10 guitarists alive right now’ style polls, clattering and soothing your eardrums at the same time with riffery and soloing that totally play at odds with his laid back and lazy persona.

The fan favourites, of which there are many, are scattered luxuriously amongst material from the recent album ‘I Bet On Sky’. The fact that the new tracks get as warm a reception as established classics says a lot for the band’s longetivity. The moshpits literally start from the first chord until the last with no hold up; fans of young and old pushing and shoving in the name of music. It’s all good intense fun, but obviously not for the lighthearted as the moshpit literally consumes 3/4 of the packed out venue.

However there is one small thing I bear a brunt about, the band could look a bit more eager. J and co are notoriously laid back but J doesnt even move from his footing to perform near impossible solo’s, which is in equal measures is depressing and impressive. The band are also low on between song talk with bassist Lou Barlow left to do much of the talking, something he’s not really gifted at.

However I cannot mark down the gig, it’d just be daft to mark down a band that sounds so amazing it gets everyone pumped up. A band that play heartfelt songs at breakneck volume. If your going to lose your moshpit virginity your in safe hands with Dinosaur Jr.


Reviewer: Martin McDonnel

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