Film Review: She’s Dead

 Film: She’s Dead
 Director: Nick Box (Dead Good Films Like)
 Release Date: October/ November 2013

 Largely fan funded and vigorously independent, the dark horror, comedy satire, She’s Dead,  is the debut feature film from director Nick Box. Responsible for a comedic, blood spattered  short film back catalogue including the cringe excellence of titles such as The Wrath of the  Violent Vicar, Mr Rapes First Date and Brutal Jesus and the House of the Wasted  Youth, She’s Dead comes at us in much the same manner. Violently humerus antics  entangled in a pissed up story line much to the same tune as Shaun of the Dead and Black  Sheep.

 Psychotic main man, Ben (Alexander Lewis) has just found ,‘she’ (Serena Chloe  Gardner), dead on the floor of a room inside his parents house and so he calls upon ‘the guy’, or his professional title, Mr  Clean (Julian Seager) to help him dispose of the dead woman’s corpse in just 60 minutes. This is of course never going to be the case, and you  can sure as  hell place bets on  Ben’s best mate Barry, (Jamie Lewis) to be the calling card of the films bloodthirsty wrong turning, landing two of the four cast members slap bang in the centre of a  more than unexpected cataclysmic twist in the film’s eerily undecided plot.

A reckless story line paired with a riveting plot twist is what is most apparent here, but anyone would be a fool to turn a blind eye to Nick’s spellbinding and exceptional directing skills deposited finely and aptly.

If you were to begin watching She’s Dead and halt viewing because of it’s irksome characters then we honestly couldn’t blame you, but if you were to judge it poorly as a film then we’d quite rightly tell you to jump on your high horse and skedaddle out of here.

This is an independent film, and better than most might we add. While it’s bothersome characters and sketchy script may annoyingly sway us towards not recommending it, we can’t help but find this refreshing take on comedy horror and Nick’s appraised and award winning directorial skills, as something to take note of.

She’s Dead is a film you should more than definitely watch, but perhaps not own. It’s not great, but it illustrates a director with promise and that in itself will have us pestering him for more of the same.


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