Video Interview: The Bronx (HTF Exclusive)

The-Bronx-InterviewHit The Floor Magazine recently had the chance to have a chat with Matt Caughtran and Joby J. Ford from seminal L.A. punk rock hellraisers The Bronx.

The Bronx formed in 2002, and have since been influencing rock, punk, and hardcore bands the world over with their unique white-hot adrenaline shot of hardcore punk influenced rock ‘n’ roll. This year, they released their brand new album ‘The Bronx IV‘, which is now available to buy worldwide!

In this interview, we discuss about subjects such as the new album ‘The Bronx IV‘, excessive touring, future music video releases, artistic influences, and the incomprehensible language of Cockney rhyming slang (which left The Bronx highly amused and confused)!

Check out the interview below and more from The Bronx here –

Interviewer: James Matthews
Videographer/Editing: Andrew Pepin

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