Video & Forthcoming Album Release From The D.O.T. (Mike Skinner + Rob Harvey)

Just when you thought Mike Skinner couldn’t get any more diverse, The Streets‘ frontman bursts back on to our speakers in with Rob Harvey, previously the lead singer of Leeds alternative group The Music, for a collaboration some might describe as ‘made in Heaven’. The two English artists have come together to form The D.O.T., an experimental blend with no need to conform to a specific style, who are back less than four months after their debut album ‘And That‘ with new single ‘How We All Lie’, taken from their forthcoming second album ‘Diary‘. The D.O.T. have become widely popular since their formation in 2011, keeping audiences occupied with constant updates through their innovative online diaries with new music and videos.

How we all lie was written in a very traditional way, apart from the MPC drum machine that started it all off.  There are a lot of references to the football section of the newspaper’s that day, because it fit with the theme of the way we have to lie to reassure ourselves that we are part of society” – Mike Skinner

The unique video for ‘How We All Lie’ gives audiences an interesting visual perspective on how The D.O.T. rolls (excuse the pun), and you can catch it below. Look out for the release of ‘Diary‘, the sound of two musicians reveling in the freedom to make music for it’s own sake, coming your way on May 6th.

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