Blue Daisy Presents Dahlia Black As He Unveils New Track

North London rapper Blue Daisy who released acclaimed album ‘The Sunday Gift’ is ready to give everyone a shock. He is releasing a record under the Dahlia Black pseudonym- something formed with long time collaborator Hey!Zeus.

He has released a track called ‘Fuck A Rap Song’ which is the Guardian Guide’s track of the week and they describe it as “Like nothing else…. scares the living crap out of me”. The track points towards a full length Dahlia Black album which will fusion hip hop, club music and metal.

Blue Daisy states that “I feel the way I felt when I first started making music” and his inspiration stems from the creativity in US to take to the microphone. He also states “SpaceGhostPurrp is making hip hop sampling trains. So I thought, don’t watch what everyone else is doing in the UK. Put this out”.

If the concept intrigues you you can listen to ‘Fuck A Rap Song’ right here and make up your mind.

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