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Twitter. A social network that brings people from around the world together in one ever lasting stream. I remember when I first joined Twitter and was told, “The more you put into Twitter, the more you get back“. They should be the words of Twitters unofficial slogan because that are spot on!

See what I don’t like about Twitter is the cry for attention, I’m sure we would of all seen #TwitterTherapy  once or twice before and people thinking they are big fish in this Twitter pond. What I like about Twitter is the people you follow who shock me, make me laugh and interest me. I avoid the parody rapper accounts but do follow people who annoy me just because they are interesting. A good example of what I mean is the viral video girl ‘Tampon Girl‘, seen the video? If not your lucky, the title speaks for itself. Her account is @ItsGiovannaP but be warned she’s terribly annoying but her lifestyle and stupidity amazes me which is why I follow her.


So I thought I’d share my Top 10 Favourite People To Follow On Twitter with you guys so you can get more from your Twitter. When I was choosing these I had the mind set of what makes me want to RT, Favourite, laugh out loud or think “that’s pretty cool“.


10 | @_WorldPictures 

To start the list off I thought I’d share the amazing images of the planet we live on from World Pictures. The account has 20,000 follows and a pile full of photos from around the world. The breath taking images always grab my attention as the hit you with some of the Earth’s finest locations.

World Pictures, Picture

Also don’t be fooled with that blue tick this isn’t a Verified account.


 9 | @frankieboyle

From the worlds wonders to the outrages Scottish comedian, Frankie Boyle. I’m sure you all have an opinion on Boyle but I think the guy is an evil genius and find him hysterical! For the record, I feel Mock The Week on BBC was at it’s funniest when Frankie was on the show, okay said it. The guy just sarcastically tweets away as he rips on people all day and tweets what your thinking or not thinking but either way crack you up.


8 | @asvpxrocky

Number 8 is that Pretty Motherfucker, A$AP Rocky. A$AP doesn’t really come out with inspirational tweets but does hit the fan with photos from his Instagram account. He does have an eye for interesting photos . I always catch myself on his Instagram because I’ve clicked the link from Twitter.

This video below features Rocky and Danny Brown (@XDannyXBrownX) in a Noisy Back and Forth interview and we see A$AP and Danny talk about their Twitter accounts.


7 | @RoyCropperNOT

My list wouldn’t be complete with out a Parody account so here’s Coronation Street’s Roy Cropper. I know I said in the intro I don’t like parody rapper accounts but this one is completely different to them. This isn’t an account who writes cheesy lines or annoying quotes this account hits you with the shock factor. His outrages tweets make you want to laugh and be sick at the same time. The account has nothing to do with the actor David Neilson or Coronation Street as its just a bit of fun.


6 | @ducidni

The originator of drunk tweets Scott Mescudi AKA Kid Cudi is a must have on twitter. As we all know Cudi is a one of a kind rapper who stands out from the crowd with his music and does so on twitter. Cudi makes every tweet feel personal as if he was your friend but won’t follow you as he only follows the Dalai Lama (@DalaiLama). The guy doesn’t have a filter between his head and finger and tweets what ever he’s feeling. He also keeps his fans up to with his forthcoming projects.

Here’s a couple of tweets from Cudi:

Kid Cudi's Tweets


5 | @WakaFlockaBSM

We’re half way through and I have for you Waka Flocka Flame. The US rapper is a social network guru as he is constantly trending. Why is this? Well Waka Flocka has a tight relationship with his fans and likes to get to know them. He follows a lot of fans and RT’s a lot of people. He’s attitude in his music is similar to his tweets they are normally hyped, fun and loud.

Struggling to picture what I mean? Here’s a video to help you:

4 | @jamaledwards

Just missing out of my top 3 is SBTV’s very own, Jamal Edwards. The guy is a voice of a generation and is a real role model. Jamal has a lifestyle every person wants and shares it with fans. He’s pretty humble and doesn’t rub his success in your face, he almost educates you as he’s the peoples champ doing it for us! I think his bio above sums him up.

3 | @UberFacts

To start us off with my Top 3 accounts I have to you an essential twitter account, Uber Facts. This page is easily one of the best people to follow on Twitter. I’ve spent hours before going through facts on facts on facts and every time going “No Way”. I suppose you want an example do you?

A Uber Fact

See what I mean now, #MustFollow.

2 | @fucktyler

Just missing out the number one spot was Odd Futures main man, Tyler, The Creator. One thing I will say about this guy is that you  shouldn’t just jump on and be like “FOLLOW” because you have to get his humour and what he’s about. Odd Future have got a real cult type fan base and Tyler is the leader of the personal jokes that have no limits. But, if your ready for that follow him because 95% of his tweets make me crease up.

Here’s a little taster of Tyler. This was tweeted from his Instagram some time last week:

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 15.23.31

1 | @JmeBBK

We have finally reached our number one spot where JME is sitting there on the throne. The BBK star for me is the best person on Twitter as he doesn’t take any shit from anyone as he’ll just reply making them look like a fool and straight up block them with his famous “Blocked Fam” picture. The UK Grime artist has amazing quick wit and makes everything seem cool.


I think JME honestly knows he’s the best person to follow if i’m honest, as he follows no one. He even mentions Twitter in his new track ‘If You Don’t Know‘:

Check out the tweets, if you wanna chat shit then bare man fi get the block and delete, what? Fam that’s poor, bringing them bars to a lyrical war, your ego won’t fit through the door, but your whole vocabulary will fit in one tweet!”

So there we are, those are my Top 10 Favourite People to Follow on Twitter but I really want to know what yours would be obviously the more you put into to twitter is the more you get back. So hit me with some suggestions with comments below or even better tweet me @MrJoshPratt or tweet HTF @hitthefloormag.

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