Top 10 Worst Music Videos Of All Time (Feature)

Top 10 Worst Music Videos

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Before we go any further, this was a VERY tough list to choose. Many enjoyable hours were had searching Youtube to find what would make this top ten. We have tried to base it on music videos that are extremely cringeworthy to the point that it is awkward to watch, in an audio-visual combination.Of course you can have a music video that is so bad that it is good, so do not get them muddled up with that aspect. This is the stuff that will make want to lose the will to live, but in a hilarious sort of way!
So without further ado, the ‘Top 10 Worst Music Videos Of All Time’!

10: Village People – Sex Over The Phone

In my personal opinion, I think Village People are the best pop band that ever lived. No shame! However, this particular music video was something of a horrific car crash that was thought up by a very sordid part of 80′s culture and ‘forward-thinking’. So forward-thinking that it is now included in a prestigious top ten!

9: Tommy Seebach – Apache (The Shadows cover)

Everyone knows the classic song ‘Apache’ by The Shadows, right? Well sometime in the 1970′s in a remote forest in the middle of nowhere, Eurovision Song Contest Entrant Tommy Seebach and his band of merry men composed a disco-tastic version of the classic tune. Moustaches, indians, and no power supply. All the makings of a howler!

8: Facecast – Wifebeater

The worst hardcore video I have ever seen in my life. Although if you watch this and get offended, take it with a pinch of salt, as the female actor in this video agreed to do this. But a bunch of morbidly obese rednecks who are a bit upset that they cannot get laid, certainly took a blow to their credibility and creative control with this terrible monstrosity. URRGH-URRGH-URRGH-URRGHHHH!!!

7: Candlemass – Bewitched

Legendary doom metal band Candlemass have made some absolutely terrific records, but so much can be said for their videos. Particularly this howler ‘Bewitched’, where an imbalanced mixture of afros, religious paraphernalia, and possession will keep you fixated with the thought…’Why did they agree to do this?!’

6: Vanilla – No Way, No Way

The biggest accident of the 90′s. Watch it and try not go get the urge to see them drown in the swimming pool behind them.

5: Russ Abbott – Atmosphere

Often voted as one of the worst songs in history of pop music, just the mere sight of Russ Abbott’s unfunny persona and smug face will make any part drop dead in it’s tracks.

4: Black Out – Video Games

There is a wide demographic of people that tend to think that it is ‘cool’ to mock the beautiful and quite frankly talented Lana Del Rey, especially her chart topping song ‘Video Games’. Well here is another song by the same title by some random rich kid band called Black Out. it is clear from the start that their parents have paid out a shed load of money to make a ‘quality’ video for them. Irritatingly, this song can be fairly catchy but for all the wrong reasons. Imagine the worst karaoke session you have ever heard, this is probably what it sounds like.

3: Immortal – Call Of The Wintermoon

Ok… you are walking your dog in the local woodland. All of a sudden, three men who like to blow fire and dress up like a bunch of pissed off Satanic pandas come running at you. What do you do? Laugh… A lot. Even the members of the classic black metal band Immortal have said that they try to forget this video even exists, but to our amusement it is quite possibly the worst metal video of all time!

2: Tony Halme – Viikinki

OK for all you wrestling fans out there, do you remember an old WWF wrestler called Ludvig Borga? Well here is his attempt at smashing out some pounding Icelandic techno-pop. The results are catastrophic.

1: Uglyman – Wipe Game Proper

Here it is… the worst music video of all time!

You got your ‘crew’ hanging out in the background, ironically wearing Crip and Blood colours (which is a faux-pas in itself). Standing around in a car park, dancing around looking rather silly in front of some dodgy old motor. With the inclusion of a ‘gangsta’ version of Mr Stay Puff, this concocts in to 1 minute and 43 seconds of your life you will never get back. The worst hip-hop video of all time, the worst music video of all time. Congratulations!

So there you have it! I am sure there are PLENTY that have been missed out, but these ten were just absolute gems that needed mentioning.More importantly, what are some of your worst music videos you would like to nominate?! We want to hear from you!

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