Review: Within Temptation – Paradise (What About Us?) (EP)

Within-Temptation-Paradise-What-About-Us-2013Band: Within Temptation
Release: Paradise (What About Us?) (EP)
Release Date: 27th September

Within Temptation are now a well-established band within the gothic metal genre, and are probably one of the first bands that spring to mind when asked about it. For the title track of this EP they have teamed up with the ex-vocalist of Nightwish, yet another popular gothica band. Tarja is one of the best known vocalists in the genre and therefore an obvious choice to team up with Within Temptation. Naturally this song is something that fans of both have been eagerly awaiting since the announcement of their plans.

The song itself, ‘Paradise (What About Us?)’ has been well worth the wait. It is as epic as ever, featuring lots of strings, contrasted with the heaviness of the drums and guitars of a metal song, including an impressive guitar solo. Both singers have the same operatic talents in their voices, yet are each distinct. While Within Temptation’s vocalist Sharon den Adel has a lighter tone to her voice, Tarja’s has a deeper and more powerful quality. This contrast brings something extra to the song making it better than if it had only featured the band’s singer.

After this we are treated to three demos. However, don’t be fooled by the use of the word, these songs are equally as clean and built up as the opening track, if it weren’t for moments of speech at the beginning and ends of some of them you’d never know. The three tracks are set to be finalised and released on the next full length album, and it will be interesting to see what changes about them. ‘Silver Moonlight’ is perhaps the most unexpected song as the chorus features a deep scream as part of the backing vocals. This is an interesting addition which truly brings out the ‘metal’ side of the band.

As with most of Within Temptation’s music, all of the tracks on this EP have a very similar format and mood to them, so whether you are just being introduced to the band or you are a long-time fan, ‘Paradise (What About Us?)’ is a great EP, and very unlikely to disappoint.


Review by: Jenna Young

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