Review: Ex Friends – Rules For Making Up Words (Album)

Artist: Ex Friends
Release: Rules For Making Up Words
Release Date: Out Now

Ex Friends are here with their new album ‘Rules For Making Up Words’ and what could probably best called pop punk for adults. 14 tracks coming in at just over 27 minutes. What you are dealt with here is short, sharp shocks of catchy, melodic punk perfection.

The Philadelphia based band open up proceedings with the catchy as hell ‘Dirty Ben Franklin’ a bass heavy, bouncy number and from hereon in just buckle yourself up and enjoy the far too short journey that follows. Every song here is made to get you nodding your head. The joint vocals of Joel Tannenbaum and bassist Audrey Crash adds a unique dynamic which at points even gives you the feel of 90’s US college radio/alt music like the legendary sound of The Pixies mixed with the east coast punk sound.

Stand out track ‘Fight Like A Girl’ is a snotty street punk rock anthem in waiting and possibly has the catchiest hook i’ve heard this year (I know its early January but I stand by that statement). The only problem I have with this release is that it’s over far too soon. It delivers a perfect mix of street punk and pop that just sticks in your head and forces you to put the album on again straight away when it finishes.

If any band should be out on tour supporting Rancid then it’s Ex-Friends. Like with Rancid, the bass here drives each song, Audrey Crash shows throughout this release that she is a talent to keep an eye on. The best example is on te track ‘Misplaced Affection’, the bass solo in the middle shows that she stands head and shoulders above many of her peers in the punk rock world.

What we get on ‘Rules For Making Up words’ is the perfect album for any fans of pop-punk, street punk, 90’s skate punk, etc. Basically, if like me, you got into punk rock by listening to early Fat Wreck and Epitaph compilations then you NEED this album in your collection. It’s that same vibe and feeling you get when you heard bands like Rancid, like The Descendents, like Diesel Boy for the first time.

It’s always a pleasure when you come across bands for the first time and you just know you have become an instant fan. I want to hear more. I want to see them live. This album is just great. Bravo Ex-Friends, bravo. Listen to this album people, you wont be sorry.


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