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KISS 40 album art

KISS 40 album art

For 40 years they have been known as The Greatest Show On Earth’. 40 years!!!! That is what you call staying power and the thing about KISS is, that like bands such as The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, etc, it doesn’t matter if you weren’t born when the band started. This band are legendary. KISS are timeless. That is something you can only say about a chosen few.

KISS revolutionised how you market a band, especially on the merchandise front. You know when you go to a gig and you can buy all sorts of ridiculous bits of merch? Yep, that is all the fault of KISS. Toys, comics, pack lunch boxes, hell even coffins and condoms. It is without exaggeration that I can say, if you can buy it then KISS have their own version of it. They became more than just another rock band from NYC, they became a global brand. To be quite honest, nobody does it better. The image of the band is just as iconic as the music. The Demon, Star Child, Space Ace and the … *cough*…. Catman. Their make up is probably as recognisable as the McDonalds logo.

To celebrate their 40 years, the band are releasing this pretty awesome double disc album KISS 40 and my God it is wonderful. 40 tracks that visit every album but that is not all. You are treated to original demos of legendary tracks like ‘God Of Thunder’ which gives you a little more insight into the band. like pulling back the curtain on the Wizard of Oz. Also there are live tracks galore. You get a chance to hear ‘Rock N’ Roll All Nite’ live from their hometown in 1975. Even back then the crowd sounds humungous and shows how well the bands tracks have aged. Or a real standout on this collection is a live version from 2003 of ‘Detroit Rock City’ played alongside the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. If this doesn’t put a smile on your face and make your arm hair stand on end then you are dead inside!

This is any KISS fans wet dream. Don’t know if it comes across here, but I am a proud member of the KISS Army and if you are not then you should be. You don’t just get classic tracks, live recordings, demos, etc on this, you also get a clutch of solo tracks from Ace Frehley and Gene Simmons aka The Demon which show that even solo the members of this band had talent but when they are together they are unstoppable!

There is nothing more I can really say about this that the band can’t say themselves. As Paul Stanley says at the start of the live version of ‘Deuce’ …. “what do you say we play some good rock n’ roll music and blow a lot of crap up”. Never a truer word said. Never forget at their heart, behind the make-up, fireworks, blood, costumes and merchandise galore, that is essentially what KISS are. They are a good rock n’ roll band. You can have every gimmick you want but people aren’t stupid and if you aren’t good people will soon get past the smoke and mirrors. KISS luckily are very good, very good indeed a fact that is proven 40 times on this album and has been proven every year for the past 40 years. Happy Birthday KISS. Long may you reign!!!!

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KISS celebrate their 40th year of rocking the world with amazing double album retrospective.

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  • BW

    Kiss is not from Detroit. The band formed in NYC.

    • Curious_George

      and they are not “the Greatest Show on Earth” (that would be Ringling Brothers Circus).

      KISS is, “The Hottest Band in the World!”

      Still.. not a bad review, even if the writer doesn’t have their facts straight at all

    • Brett Kartinen

      The reviewer said nothing of them being from Detroit

      • hitdog042

        Yeah it did. He then edited it. It also said ace is the star child.

        • Mikey Baird

          Yeah man, sorry for correcting my mistakes, also it’s Starchild not star child. God, call yourself a fan!

          • hitdog042

            Good one. Now go take an English class. Dog with a blog.

    • Guest

      Brett is correct. In fact, the article said, “They became more than just another rock band from NYC….” The only time the word “Detroit” appears is in the DRC song title.

  • Doug Factor

    So…no new material? A two-disc version of the box set?

  • dw6

    “Ace Frehley AKA Star Child”? Home town of Detroit? This reviewer is an idiot.

    • Michelle Janney Archer


    • Jason Sutherland

      Dude needs to do his homework!

    • Xtrvler

      Where the hell does it say “Ace Frehley AKA Star Child?” or “Home town of Detroit?” I read it a dozen times just to find this and nothing…

      • Xtrvler

        Oh, I see he corrected it before I read it…

    • Johnny I


  • snookaus

    Embarrassingly ignorant review. If he’s a member of the KISS army, I’m Gene Simmons.

  • Michelle Janney Archer

    Um, PAUL STANLEY is Starchild. NOT Ace Frehley. Moron.

  • Justin Elkins

    And they’re from New York, not Detroit. Dumbass.

  • dimond

    Not another greatest hits album I’m a big fan but it’s sad to say their voices are shot they should be yelling out bingo

    • hitdog042

      U obviously missed Fallon. Voices are fine.

  • Wade Lucas

    This is a terrible review! You claim you’re a member of the KISS ARMY but you get the performer wrong?? Then there’s this little gem; “Don’t know if it comes across hear but I am a proud member of the KISS Army” ‘HEAR’?? Seriously?? Not to mention you are talking about the 20th or so greatest hits release…… c’mon HTF…is this the best you got??

    • Mikey Baird

      Sorry buddy I’ve written my response below. The hear/ here mistake is unforgivable. Guess I should of proof read this bad boy but alas I didn’t.

      Also this may be another kiss greatest hits but it is one for the 40th anniversary and features 40 tracks to coincide. It’s only a review buddy. We can get past this…….together

      • bwk

        Perhaps you should not be writing reviews of subjects you are not educated about…

        • Mikey Baird

          Maybe you are right. I’m actually a One Direction fan. If it helps my errors are now fixed. Lets call a truce. Come on gimme a hug bwk!

          • Dewey Cheatem

            One direction?? So you aren’t even a ‘music’ fan… Just a desk-jockey writing reviews about stuff you really don’t know… Its not about fixing errors or making excuses like listening to Detroit Rocky City while typing this review and then say your actually a One Direction ‘fan’ . its actually the principal of the matter that most people are flaming you for (forgive the ‘flame’ pun, but liking one direction kinda sums that up).
            So you lie about your typo, and then misplace a horrible Bon jovi sing into the KISS catalogue and smile as if all is better because you corrected your errors???
            Get another job… You’re like the Rush Limbaugh of rock review. Full of S4¡+

          • Mikey Baird

            Who’s your fave? I like Harry Styles best! All the girls at school think i’m crazy but I know i’ll marry him one day

          • Dewey Cheatem

            You should probably do your friends and family… And society a favor… Log off of the internet and concentrate on education.
            The world is a big place, kiddo.
            Get out of your mom’s basement and start doing something constructive so you can have a future.

          • Mikey Baird

            Haha thanks for the advice big guy. I just wish you knew what sarcasm was, that would of made our little conversation a little less tragic.

            I’m going to log off and go to work but nice chatting with you.

          • Pony65K

            HAHAHAHAHA…love it

      • Tiggeribby

        “Should have”. There is no such phrase as “should of”. Perhaps you were looking for the contraction? “Should’ve” isn’t a preferred phrase, but at least it is grammatically correct. This is a pretty bad mistake for a writer.

        • Mikey Baird

          You have obviously never been to Yorkshire. We are all inbred and speak funny round these parts. we use phrases like ‘put t’wood int’ toil’ (that means close the door). We don’t even pronounce the ‘H’ in words.

          At the end of the day though we are caring people, with a warm heart. We learn to forgive and forget, to move on and not worry about things that are not important, it’s a beautiful trait.

          • Noddy Holder


      • Wade Lucas

        ok ok – now I am laughing…..well played, Mr. Baird….well played…

      • randy

        should “have proofread” not should of proof read

      • Alan Ela

        *should have….

  • Mikey Baird

    I do apologise no excuse at all for my Ace/Paul mix up. Also in my defence I was listening to Detroit rock city so it was in my mind hence writing Detroit instead of New York. Sorry didn’t mean to offend you. Surely you can get over these mistakes an be happy I gave it a good review. I haven’t been called a moron since I was a child so thanks for that!

    In just gutted they didn’t put Living On A Prayer on it. That was always my fave Kiss singalong!

    • kissfan

      I do hope that was sarcasm.

      • Mikey Baird

        Haha yes yes it was. I prefer Blaze Of Glory

    • t

      Living on a Prayer is Bon Jovi, not KISS.

      • Mikey Baird

        Hahahaha you guys are too easy. It was sarcasm. I do love the tune they did with Run DMC though. Walk This way is rad!

    • Johnny I

      Living On A Prayer is not a KISS song. It’s Bon Jovi! You are clearly not a KISS fan.

  • Joe MacHale

    Hey! You need editors and research assistants! This reviewer has more errors than I have ever seen in my life. My 8th grader researches stuff better! My 6 year old twins know all the facts the writer botched!

    Reviewer: It’s not hard to fact-check. I do it daily on my site. Try it sometime.

  • bwk

    Obviously this guy knows nothing about KISS, saying they are from Detroit.
    KISS is a New York band formed by Wicked Lester founders Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. I had to stop reading after that. I don’t know how much more was said that was misinformation…. But probably a lot.

  • Chill People!

    I’ve never seen people kick off so much on a 5 star review before haha Why are you getting so angry over a few, really unimportant to the review itself, mistakes? CALM DOWN CHILDREN!

  • Luis

    “The Greatest Show on Earth” is the Ringling Brothers Circus, not KISS. It should have been “The Hottest Band in the World”. How can you miss that?

    • Curious_George

      just posted the same thing. . .LOL

    • Mikey Baird

      I thought they had the greatest show on earth, much better than that Ringling Brothers Circus. I find the circus pretty boring plus I hate clowns. Grown men wearing make up tsk, how silly is that

      • Curious_George

        you can try to be clever, or realize that the trademarked phrase:

        “The Greatest Show On Earth!” — belongs to the Ringling Brothers Circus.

        KISS on several of the live albums (and ALWAYS at the start of every concert) starts out with: “You wanted the best! YOU got the best. The Hottest Band in the World. . . KISS!!!!!”)

        at the very least, stop making excuses for messing up the opening paragraph by showing your ignorance of the band you are reviewing?

        (and like I noted elsewhere, I’m glad it got a good review. Yes, it’s another compilation, but the song mix is VERY strong, and I’ve had this on pre-order since it was announced).

  • Steve64

    So the guy made of few errors in his review. Big deal! The people complaining about it look like morons. A classier thing to do is to contact the writer privately and point out the errors. At least this guy has a popular blog and gave out info the most fans didn’t know.

    • Curious_George

      not a “few” errors.

      MAJOR errors: Where the Band is from, the opening lines to every concert, the makeup/character vs performer.

      if it were spelling or grammatical errors? Yep, I agree with you, a private email to point out to him.

      major factual errors about the band he’s reviewing? that’s sloppiness pure and simple.

      and he should be called out on them, as why would i want to read anything else this guy reviews if he can’t get his facts straight here?

    • Mikey Baird

      Cheers Steve. I am sorry that I have made errors in this review. Some shocking ones but at the end of the day I gave it 5 out of 5 and that is the first time I have done that. Surely it’s about the music at the end of the day and, like I said in the review, there are some absolute killers on this and it did deserve the mark I gave.

      That’s all I have to say on it.

    • Dewey Cheatem

      most fans know more…. accurate info too.

  • RRCN

    reviewer aint never heard of kiss hes gay lol wudnt kno wat kiss even r lol

    • Mikey Baird

      Stop it mum!

  • journojulz

    Spotting errors is like calling shotgun.
    Once someone has already called it – its done.
    Just move on and get along with your day. :)

  • Jimhotep

    KISS rock! This guy don’t no a thing about them.
    Joan Simms was out of Carry On Up The Jungle. And HELLO!?? The Star Man was David Bowie.
    What about when they stopped wearing make up? I had no idea who they were then but I STILL knew McDonalds Golden M.
    Honestly reviewer. Yo’re no idea.

  • Johnny I

    On KISSONLINE this review says that KISS is from Detroit. Their not from Detroit their from New York.

    • Mikey Baird


      • Johnny I

        Read Paul Stanleys book. There from New York. Paul Stanley grew up in Queens. Detroit is so popular to KISS because They were the only city to get KISS in the beginning and because they recorded there famous live album there. Alive! and also the song Detroit Rock City

  • SuperKev

    Wow, you may have to return your Kids Army Badge at this rate Mikey. I mean, I’m just as big a fan of Kids and I’d have never of gotten Starman and Catman mixed up. You should have Wikipedia’d your sources and as we all know, Wikipedia’s the best fact checking site on the net. Although I think you’ll find, Kiss are from Detroit, it said so in that movie, Detroit Rock City.

  • Pete Shorney

    Jeez, the guy has apologised for some oversights. I’m more appalled by the inability of people to grasp the simple concept of sarcasm.

  • hitdog042

    Worst thing I’ve ever read. It did say from Detroit. It did say ace the star child. He edited it. And he needs to correct about 100 grammar mistakes. This is pathetic.

    • Mikey Baird

      Worst thing you have EVER read EVER? As in EVER????? That is one hell of a claim and I guess you aren’t exaggerating so shiiiiiiiiiiiiit

  • Pony65K

    What”s with the beef towards the…..*cough*…. Catman?

    • Mikey Baird

      haha sorry, it was just a wink to the Family Guy episode