Interview: City Of Lights (Reading Festival Exclusive)

City-Of-Lights-InterviewThe BBC Introducing stage at Reading & Leeds Festival is always a great place to catch some of the best new upcoming acts. We managed to have a quick chat with Leeds based rock band City Of Lights shortly after their set at this years Reading Festival to talk about new friends, new releases, what it’s like to be an independent band and what the future holds for the guys.

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HTF: Hi Guys, how was it to play Reading?

HTF: How was it in comparison to Leeds?
COL: We played Leeds yesterday, that’s our home town. It was awesome, but we were really blown away by the response that we’ve had down here. We felt very welcomed at Reading, and we’ve definitely made some new friends.

HTF: Did you manage to hang out with any of your new friends today?
COL: Yeah for a little bit earlier, but we had a lot of press to do, and after that, a lot of drinking.

HTF: Nice one! Pretty sure that’s exactly how it’s supposed to be!
COL: This is a festival, right?!

HTF: Exactly! But enough with the beer-talk, tell us a little bit more about your EP ‘Don’t Give Up’…..
COL: Basically, what we’ve done is, we released an album about a year and a half ago, and then two EP’s after that and we’re about to release a third. After that, we are gonna compile, and release another album with an extra 7 new tracks.

HTF: Sounds wicked, when’s the album coming out, any idea yet?
COL: In an ideal world, for Christmas, but in a realistic world, probably not until the new year. January sales. Hahahaha…
It’s not easy when you’re completely independent.

HTF: So you’re doing everything yourselves? Are you crazy, that’s SO much work!
COL: Everything yeah, from like getting onto Reading & Leeds Festival, touring all around the UK and all around Europe. We have funded absolutely everything ourselves and have worked our arses off. Yeah, we are really tired.

HTF: Not surprised you are tired! ….. Do you want to sit down for the rest of the interview? Hahaha
COL: Hahahaha!! Yes please, find us all some chairs!!

HTF: No free chairs, so we’ll try to keep it short, so you don’t have to suffer for too long – what’s next for you guys?
COL: Well, we are touring in September, but generally, everything we’ve got coming up is on our website, which is We are going to take some time off over Christmas, but we will be back and absolutely smash it in the New Year!

HTF: Cool, well thanks for the chat guys and the best of luck for the future!

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