Download Festival 2013 Preview – Bands You Need To See (Part 2)

Layout 1 (Page 1)Download Festival is upon us and it has come to that awful time when you have to pick which bands you want to see. Here at HTF HQ we have been attempting to narrow down the must see bands at Download .  There is something for every rock lover so if you love djent but want rap too they’ve got it, or if  you fancy some mathy syncopated riffs but clean vocals  they’ve got that as well.


1. Palm Reader
Friday, Pepsi Max Stage, 13:45.

‘Bad Weather’ will be drawing in the crowd to Palm Reader this weekend, the debut album drags you into a declining aggression something that will be insane personified. Renowned for thrashing every show like it is their last we can’t wait to see these guys destroy the stage whilst remaining as tight as recordings.

2. The Gaslight Anthem
Sunday, Main Stage, 17:40.

’45’ blasted our radios throughout last summer so why wouldn’t you fill this summer with a bit of Gaslight too. The perfect Sunday band, The Gaslight Anthem will have the entire audience in chorus and how could we miss being a part of that.

3. Press To Meco
Saturday, Red Bull Stage, 18:05.

Red Bull Jam’s wildcard, Press To Meco’s recent EP ‘Affinty’ compiled unique arrangements and juxtaposing vocals which were unlike anything we had heard before. We cannot wait to see how this transfers live this weekend.

4. Architects
Friday, Main Stage, 13:50.

Only UK festival appearance, need we say more?

5. Empress
Saturday, Pepsi Max Stage, 15:35.

Fresh of their tour with Bring Me The Horizon, Empress are here to viciously confuse you with their eclectic blend of Empress sound. If you haven’t already heard ‘Deeper In Disguise’ on Scuzz or Radio 1 then where have you been? Get your arse to Pepsi Max stage and check them out.

6. Hacktivist
Sunday, Pepsi Max Stage, 14:45.

Hacktivist have jumped to the big stages and we can’t wait to see the grime djent innovation destroy the Pepsi Max stage. Wipe out any assumptions you have of djent by joining us for Hacktivist.

7. Limp Bizkit
Sunday, Zippo Encore Stage, 20:50.

We are all secretly hoping that Limp Bizkit won’t play anything off of ‘Gold Cobra’ so here is to hope! We’d do it all for the ‘Nookie’ but we aren’t going to pop off any rock ships.

8. The Algorithm
Friday, Red Bull Stage 19:50.

Without a vocalist it is hard to imagine The Algorithm exhuming the audience into a frantic state, but Rémi Gallego lunges his body and when met with Mayan’s drums it is hard to stand still. We promise if ‘Trojans’ is anything to go by their set will be like no other.

9. Bleed From Within
Sunday, Pepsi Max Stage, 15:35.

Beasts Bleed From Within are straight off their tour with Megadeath so if you like your metal heavy and brewed in Scotland this is the place to be. Their recent  ‘Uprising’ will melt your face off, so if you know the words HTF want to see you grab the mic.

10. I Divide
Saturday, Zippo Encore Stage, 11:00.

Renowned for never missing a note I Divide will be waking us up on Saturday morning. So if they don’t  have you singing along to their new single ‘Follow Me’ by the end of their set then you are probably broken.

List complied by: Amber Carniage

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