Review: Turbogeist – Ancient Secrets (EP)

turbogeistBand : Turbogeist
Release : Ancient Secrets (EP)
Release Date : Out now!

Cockney newcomers Turbogeist have just released their debut EP ‘Ancient Secrets‘, a twisted yet diverse blend of rock and roll mixed with garage trash, grunge, and old school street punk. In terms of how the EP sounds, imagine The Riverboat Gamblers having a fight with Axis Of, The Murder City Devils, and Agnostic Front, whilst being refereed by Ramones.

The EP kicks off with the swagger fuelled ‘Mermaid’s Revenge‘, which is also their lead single. A raw cacophony of fuzz fuelled bass played along to some badass drums, and razor sharp yet abrasive guitars, complete with a mix of clean and gritty vocals.

The rest of the EP is a continuation of this most awesome of methods, keeping the flow fast, abrasive, and downright dirty as hell. Particularly on the stand out track being ‘Zero Friends‘, which sounds like it would not be out of place on a Murder City Devils album.

Further on in the EP, there is of course the most excellent ‘Up Front‘, which is a breakneck speed street punk influenced party starter. This song in general sounds like the anthem of a house party just gone absolutely stark raving mental.

Ancient Secrets‘ finishes off with the closer ‘Rats‘. A blistering grunge tinged three and a half minutes which threatens to border on the brink of insanity towards the end of the song.

Now whilst this is a very slick and cool EP, the only things that are necessarily keeping me from giving it a higher mark than I have is to do minimally with the mixing / production (particularly on ‘Rats‘) just due to the fact that it  sounds a bit like a demo at times, and could have perhaps been recorded / produced a little better. Raw production is cool, but at times it just fails to pack the punch that it so could deliver a knock-out.

This and the fact that whilst this is a collection of pretty kick-ass tunes, it feels like the sound of a band that have yet to find their sound but at the same time they have some rather tasty ingredients to perfect their recipe with.

Give it a little more time and Turbogeist could well be a burgeoning threat upon the alternative music scene more so than they already have done thus far. But for now, let us enjoy these gritty delicacies.


Reviewer: James Paul Matthews

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