Review: To The Wind – Empty Eyes (Album)

Band: To The Wind
Release: Empty Eyes (Album)
Release Date: Out Now!

Opening track ‘Balance‘ kicks off this record in an almost tentatively intriguing manner, taking aspects of both hardcore and metalcore to create a sort of melodic hardcore/metal vibe, akin to bands such as The Ghost Inside with a little bit of Killswitch Engage thrown in there somewhere too.

Heavy and melodious in equal measure, we are thrust into ‘Without Warning‘, a pretty hard hitting, emotive piece with vibes aplenty, a must-listen for fans of bands including Heart In Hand and It Prevails, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be disappointed.

Halfhearted‘ takes and almost Parkway Drive-esque approach, much more ‘thrashy’ than its’ predecessor, a real tearer if you’re a fan of all things pummelling and sonically thumping as the elusive ‘Hollow‘ begins, echoed guitars created an aura of real intent before the track goes full-bollock into a crushing pace.

The groove-laced ‘New Note‘ could have easily been written by Hatebreed, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing at all, a much more traditionally hardcore offering from To The Wind, variation is never usually a negative thing and in this case it certainly works. Dense.

Although the band have a somewhat distinctively melodic hardcore-based sound, they seem unafraid to incorporate notions of other genres throughout their tracks, ‘Truth And Consequence‘ owns all things ‘2000 and metalcore’ which is weirdly awesome, there is an interesting undercurrent to this band, a vibe that is often to difficult to portray in a genre that is so tunneled at the best of times.

The passion of ‘Downpour‘ leads us to the conclusion of ‘Empty Eyes‘ with the self-explanatory closer ‘Solitary‘ a destroyingly crushing offering, defining and owning the sound of To The Wind, a band that although are typified by a very popular and ‘usual’ genre, have enough about them and enough will to produce a bit of ‘edge’, (yes, that term…I know). Definitely worthy of purchase, a must have for any fan of heavy music.


Reviewer: Luke E Davis

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