Review: Larry And His Flask – By The Lamplight (Album)

larryBand: Larry And His Flask
Release: By The Lamplight
Release date: Out Now

It’s a good sign that the festival season is upon us, when the carnival-esque acts start their releases for the summer. Oregon six-piece Larry and his Flask are no exception to this rule.

Taking a grassroots approach, the band have been gathering their fans and influences steadily over the past four years. Playing everywhere from coffee shops to stages, they took on styles from punk to blues to country.

It’s this lineage that shows through the new album ‘By The Lamplight’; attempting to capture the band’s energy current that shines through their live shows was always going to be an effort, but it’s a challenge that the band take on fully.

Racing through the whirling carousel of sounds, from the jazzy dancefloor beats of ‘Pandemonium’ to the theatrical ‘Out Of Print’, with its distorted vocals sounding as if they were being pumped from a record player itself, the record takes on an upbeat sound, but maintains a dark twisting undertone in its lyrical content.

‘The Battle For Clear Sight’ showcases the band’s influences, taking on a more folky edge with the addition of a banjo and female vocals. ‘Gone From You’ is a ballady number, with Celtic tones and a stripped down acoustic guitar. Pausing only a moment for breath, the record kicks itself back into full swing with the rockabilly style ‘Home Of The Slave’, pulling in electric guitars for a forceful, energetic performance.

‘By The Lamplight’ adequately grasps the band’s full range of influences and creates a cohesive, but imaginative collection of tracks. There’s a few stand outs points, but at times the vocals become lost underneath the chaotic melodies and roaring instrumentals. With a bit of finesse though, it could turn into a storm of a record.


Review by: Natalie Gardiner

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