Review: Gemini Syndrome – Pleasure And Pain (Single)

GeminiBand: Gemini Syndrome
Release: Pleasure And Pain (Single)
Release Date: Out Now

California’s own Gemini Syndrome have released their new single for ‘Pleasure And Pain‘. The most instantaneous impression that is evident, is that this conjures the warm, nostalgic memory of Nu-Metal. It draws musical influences from Korn, Static-X, and Disturbed.

Now usually when the term ‘Nu-Metal’ is referred to, it is almost shunned and looked down on like some forbidden blaspheme. But the truth is, the genre was always pretty damned good despite its later years where it turned in to a filtered down tragedy. But in this case, Gemini Syndrome bring together all the good things about that genre, but with a modern twist.

Pleasure And Pain‘ is not reinventing the wheel by a long shot. The music is very basic and fairly simple in terms of construction and performance, but it is still an enjoyable yet anthemic slice of enjoyment. The production on this as well is exceedingly favourable, which does genuinely help project the power of this song in to another realm. The fact that Gemini Syndrome are now signed to Warner Bros means that they can only but be on to something big. But only time will tell…

This is quite an enjoyable listen, but it is not something that necessarily blows you out of the water. We look forward to hearing more from this lot when more material is released, but for the meantime this is just a taster of what is yet to come.


Reviewer: James Matthews

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