Review: Don Broco – White Rabbit, Plymouth – 23/02/2013

DON BROCOBand: Don Broco
Support: Mallory Knox, Hey Vanity
Venue: White Rabbit, Plymouth
Date: 23/02/2013

It is difficult to think of many other bands who have had the same success that Bedford lads Don Broco have achieved. Just one short year ago they were pretty much unheard of by the masses – then the ridiculously catchy track ‘Priorities‘ hit our ear drums and we were hooked.

In this one year Broco have released their debut album ‘Priorities‘ to critical acclaim and commercial success, played countless gigs across the UK and Europe as well as multiple festivals and have rounded off the Year of Broco with a sold out headlining tour. Can’t really complain at that, can you?

First up of the evening were newcomers Hey Vanity. Having formed only last year, this is one of the band’s first tours together, but from the look of it you would think they had been out on the road for years. Very few opening acts can really get the crowd into a frenzy but Hey Vanity managed just that as they got the young audience hooked onto them with a just a handful of songs. Set highlight included an interesting cover of Outkast‘s ‘Hey Ya‘ – its certainly not everyday you hear this track performed in a rock styling – nested in between their own tracks taken from the upcoming EP ‘Breathe, Bleed, Grow‘. If the crowd reaction is any indication of what the future holds for the Hey Vanity boys then we have no worries that they will soon be a truly exciting and successful addition to the UK music scene.

Unfortunately, due to interview commitments (check back to HTF shortly for this), we missed Mallory Knox‘s set. However, from what we heard from outside the venue, the boys sounded as amazing and professional as they always do. We have no worries that the boys absolutely nailed this gig, as they do with every performance.

Finally it was time for the main event, as the four Broco boys hit the stage, the crowd instantly transformed from irritable, tired (and slightly tipsy of us overagers) into screaming, excitable kids. It is gigs like this that remind us of the ones we went to as teens – full of excitement and wonder at seeing a new favourite band – not many have that ability anymore so it is a great feeling when you can get that back.

Every track you would want to hear in a live setting was belted out in the set, from the highly impressive singles including ‘Priorities‘, ‘Actors‘ and recent release ‘Whole Truth‘ to the band’s older but still just as amazing EP tracks – ‘Beautiful Morning‘, ‘Thug Workout‘ (complete with crowd push-ups) and personal favourite ‘Dreamboy‘.

Everything about a Don Broco set is incredible. Each and every member has the kind of stage presence and charisma that most other bands could only dream of, they are one of the few truly amazing live bands and are able to hold crowds in the palm of their hands with ease (our point is proven by the insane number of crowd surfers there were!). If you are yet to see DB at their finest then, quite frankly, we are astounded. We have yet to see a Don Broco show that hasn’t been bursting with energy and gleaming with perfection, so why would this one have been any different?


Reviewer: Amy Jones

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