Review: Dinosaur Pile-Up – Nature Nurture (Album)

DPU Nature Nurture

Band: Dinosaur Pile-Up
Release: Nature Nurture (Album)
Release Date: 17/06/2013

If there’s one thing we love at HTF it’s a good band name.  Leeds’ Dinosaur Pile-Up have one of the best.  Couple that with the fact that the name came from a moment of inspiration from founder and guitarist/vocalist Matt Bigland whilst watching the awful remake of King Kong.

There was this part in it where all these huge dinosaurs trip up, roll down this hill, and it just ends up in this massive pile up, and everything in between them survives. I thought it was ridiculous, and as a joke I said, I have to start a band called Dinosaur Pile-Up.

Forming in 2007 from the ashes of his former band Mother Vulpine, Dinosaur Pile-Up combine crunchy rock riffs and smooth vocals with a crushing backing on bass and drums from the remaining members; Mike Shiels and James Sacha. Their sounds transgresses their Britishness and you’d be forgiven for categorising them into the American stylings of Weezer or their (semi) namesake Dinosaur Jr.  And let me tell you, they make a hell of a racket for a three-piece.

Nature Nurture‘ is the second studio album from the band and from the first few bars of opening track ‘Arizona Waiting‘, Dinosaur Pile-Up signify that the intention with ‘Nature Nurture‘ is to get your attention and keep you hooked.

The crunchy distorted guitars take a break for the haunting melodies of ‘Derail‘ and ‘The Way We Came‘ which act as the perfect foil to catch your breath from the relentless nature of the rest of the album.

Heather‘, ‘Summer Gurl‘ and stand out track ‘White T-Shirt and Jeans‘ should all make your playlist this summer and are probably the best 10 minutes of an album we’ve heard this year. We defy you not to air guitar, drum or just jump around like a loon at some point listening to this.

If there’s one thing that Dinosaur Pile-Up do well it’s break downs.  Dropping the pace right down before unleashing a thrashing riff that should tear the roof of venues bigger than the places they’re playing at the moment.  Look out for an epic one in ‘Lip Hook Kiss‘.

Dinosaur Pile-Up are touring extensively this year, so look out for them, they’re sure to be a blast.


Reviewer: Chris van Praag

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