Review: Bleed From Within – Uprising (Album)

cover84Band: Bleed From Within
Release: Uprising (album)
Release date: 25th March 2013

‘Uprising’, Glasgow metallers Bleed From Within‘s third full length album, and a huge leap in the right direction. The progression from their debut is staggering, and it’s far more sophisticated, mature and self-contained. By that, we mean  it’s clearly a record that is straight up metal for metal’s sake, as opposed to a farcical attempt at sales-driving and fan-seeking.

Opening introduction ‘III‘ builds up seamlessly into ‘Colony‘, which is littered with fast-paced riffage, awe-provoking tapping leads and blistering drums. There’s also a dominant British feel from the off, notably in its raw and natural production.

Progression is at the forefront of ‘It Lives In Me‘, with everything building and layering as the track unfolds. Every transition makes sense and their attention to detail is arguably unrivalled at present. The same applies to ‘I Am Oblivion‘, which is smooth and silky in the way it flows; the drums are particularly complimentary, aiding the fluidity of the track. The tension built up in the progression is then unleashed in breakdown form in the outro, sounding more powerful than at any other moment on the record.

The title track is the centrepiece of this very strong album, though, as it defines Bleed From Within‘s polished sound. All aspects of the style — even from their early days — seeps through into this truly honed effort, and it’s exactly the transition they needed to make to stride from underground to established.

‘Uprising’ is metal how it should be. There are no frills, no gimmicks and no bullshit, and for that reason, nobody can doubt that this is the album these Scots wanted to make. Thankfully, it’s what we wanted to hear, as well.


Reviewer: Matt Borucki

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