Interview: Scouting For Girls

Lois HTF popped into the Sony offices to have a chat with Roy, Pete and Greg of Scouting For Girls about their latest single, partying hard and kids bikes. Here’s what they had to say…

HTF: Tell us about your new single ‘ Don’t Wanna Leave You’

SFG: Well you can download it now and its from our new album ‘Everybody Wants To Be On TV’. It’s probably one of the oldest songs on the record, probably 4-5 years old, and took a long time to where we were in a position to record it and tried various different things to record it, so was probably one of the hardest records we’ve ever put together. We are really proud of it.

HTF: OK Magazine magazine said the album is ‘Pop Perfection’. Does it feel perfect to you?

SFG: When you create anything you always think its amazing to begin with and it takes some time and distance before you get any perspective on it. It’s a weird relationship you have with music because you buy an album and listen to it once, twice etc but when you create an album you have listened to it loads before even recording it, thousands of times practicing it, thousands of times demoing it and your whole world goes into those 10 songs and you do loose perspective. I think we just try and write music that we love and that seems to be the stuff that connects.

HTF: You have done a lot of touring and festivals recently. Do you still get the buzz of nervousness?

SFG: There’s always the anticipation of when your waiting to go on stage. It’s just an amazing feeling.

HTF: Have you ever done the whole rockstar entrance and shouted the wrong city name?

Roy SFG: Yeh I’ve had to had it written on the keyboards or something. I’ve done loads of things. I called the wrong festival the wrong name.

HTF: How did that go down?

Roy SFG: People just laugh at you. I think we get away with it most of the time. Our live shows involve the audience and we really encourage them to have a good time. A Scouting For Girls show is all a big party.

HTF: Do you party hard?

SFG: Afterwards. I think we are pretty professional beforehand *Laughs*

HTF: What’s the hardest you’ve ever partied?

SFG: When we were in Germany last, in Hamburg, supporting One Republic, we all went to this bar. We all chipped in some money, about 200 Euros, for some drink before hand and told our guitarist to give the money to our tour managers friend who we were with, so he could pay the bar. We ended up going back, he forgot to give the guy the money and then at 3am, just as we are about to leave on the bus, our tour manager gets a call to say the bar wont let his friend leave because the bills not paid. Was about 800 Euros *Laughs*

HTF: We hear you did a charity bike ride. Want to tell us about that? Did I Hear you got the bikes off Ebay?

SFG: Yes we did. We bought 3 child’s bikes *Laughs*

HTF: Amazing! How far did you go?

SFG: We did London To Brighton. We are ambassadors of a charity called ‘World Child’ which is a charity that provides nurses for sick kids and we decided one night we would do a bike ride for these kids, and we thought, as the drink flowed more, their kids so we should use kids bikes. So we bought bikes off Ebay and did the ride on old school choppers. It was very very painful!

HTF: Didn’t it hurt your knees?

SFG: They weren’t like clown bikes but they were made for kids up to about 14 so you could still ride on them. It took 2 days! *Laughs*

HTF: Maybe for your next one you should look into space hoppers?

SFG: London To Brighton?!? When was the last time you were on a space hopper?

HTF: You would be surprised *Laughs*

SFG: Maybe a pedlo challenge. London to Oxford and there loads of pubs on the way.

HTF: What’s coming up for Scouting For Girls?

SFG: Doing some new songs at the moment. Gonna start writing and recording. We want to make sure we aren’t away too long this time. Really looking forward to it. We have worked really hard over the last few months so looking forward to getting back into the studio. We love touring but it’s all the drinking *Laughs*

HTF: I Bet! Any hangover tips?

SFG: Coca-cola and orange juice. A muddy thames! Or a milkshake or icepop.

HTF: Berocca?

SFG: How about Berocca and Vodka? *Laughs*

Interviewer: Lois Honeywill

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