Ciara And Nicki Minaj In New Video ‘I’m Out ‘

After the young money Barbie’s single ‘Im Legit’, the  hot collaboration of Ciara and Nicki Minaj is back for a second time round in Ciara’s new new single ‘I’m Out’.

Nick Minaj features alongside Ciara in her new single as she shakes those curves that shes well known for all over the camera screen. The duo both wear tight white catsuits in the futuristic setting of the video, giving us a glimpse of those curvacious figures and it all seems like a battle of the bottoms as they waste no time showing off their twerking skills.


Although the pair might be close, Ciara’s not to keen to let the ‘Superbass’ star steal her spotlight though and chooses to appear in some of the video alone where she dances in what seems to be some sort of sexy tennis whites whilst throwing cash in the air and letting it all fall around her. In another part of the video, the talented dancer, works her moves in a fountain whilst wearing a very sexy all black ensemble.


Ciara and Nicki Minaj performed the song for the first time at the BET awards on Sunday and the crowd seemed to love it, so Ciara’s up and coming new album could also go down very well. “The energy of the record is so dope, and it’s really for the ladies, and Nicki she just killed the verse” Ciara told MTV News.

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