Norma Jean’s ‘Wrongdoers’ Gets September Release

Norma Jean are set to release highly anticipated sixth studio album ‘Wrongdoers’ across the UK and Europe September 9th.

The album has had a much-troubled production process but there’s no doubt amongst the band that this is one of the sharpest records they’ve created, with lead singer Cory Brandon admitting the following:

“I can’t lie, I felt like it was falling apart for a while. There was a point where we thought this was over.” They began work on ‘Wrongdoers’ in 2011, and the journey to its completion would be one that would reshape the band as we know it forever. “This record was a nightmare from start to finish,” he continues. “What we made definitely had its way with us. We pushed ourselves to keep writing, scrapping songs time and time again, we knew it was not ready but remained hopeful that we’d find a way out.”

Norma Jean are set to prove themselves even further this September – and ‘Wrongdoers’ is sure to be one hell of a release. Brandan concludes:

“For us it’s not just about writing a bunch of riffs and throwing them down. We do not cut any corners when we create, and I’m proud of what we made.”

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