M.I.A. Enlists The Weeknd For Matangi, Previews ‘Y.A.L.A’

UK based rapper M.I.A is set to release her long delayed album Matangi on November 5th. While we’ve already seen the cover art and a track list, she has now announced that she won’t be alone on the album. Up and coming artist The Weeknd appears on ‘Exodus‘ and ‘Sexodus‘, and the list of producers includes frequent collaborator Switch, Timbaland protege Danja, ‘Niggas In Paris’ beat maker Hit-Boy, as well as French artist Surkin.

M.I.A. has also shared a 90-second preview of ‘Y.A.L.A.’, which is short for ‘You Always Live Again’ (rather than ‘YOLO’s You Only Live Once). Listen to the track preview below and tell us what you think.


1. Karmageddon


3. Only 1 U

4. Warriors

5. Come Walk With Me

6. aTENTion

7. Exodus (ft. The Weeknd)

8. Bad Girls

9. Boom Skit

10. Double Bubble Trouble

11. Y.A.L.A. 

12. Bring The Noize

13. Lights

14. Know It Ain’t Right

15. Sexodus (ft. The Weeknd)

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