James Blake Announces New Single, Album & UK Tour Dates

Two years after his debut album took UK bass culture down previously unimagined roads of introspection, James Blake returns with the epic ‘Retrograde’.

Combining his heart-piercing songwriter side with a skyscraper of soaring electronics, ‘Retrograde’ takes the listener surfing on an emotional sine wave, an electronic soul testament that earmarks him out as the successor to the thrones long since vacated by Massive Attack and Air.

Retrograde is the perfect introduction to his second LP ‘Overgrown’, an incredible album that sees James growing as a singer and songwriter while at the same time returning to the brain melting electronic perfection of his early releases on Hemlock and Hessle, moving way beyond any post-dubstep pigeonholes to include stunning reinterpretations of both hip-hop and house.

The new album is released on 8th April, so why not catch James Blake at one of the following dates in April to coincide with the brand spanking new release!
9 Apr               London Heaven
10 Apr             Manchester Academy
11 Apr             Glasgow The Arches

Additionally, check out the video for his new video ‘Retrogade‘ below.

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