Interview: U-God (Exclusive)


Fresh off the release of his fourth studio albumKeynote Speaker and in the midst of a worldwide tour for Wu-tang’s 20th anniversary , HTF had the pleasure of catching up with the almighty U-God; one member of the group that truly changed the face of hip-hop. We discussed his new album, UK music and fans, the future of Wu-Tang and the current state of the American economy.

HTF: First off, U-God how’re you doing?

U-God: I’m hangin in there, y’know I’m doing what I do.

HTF: And where are you right now?

U-God: I’m in London right now, West London.

HTF:  And you’re promoting your new album Keynote Speaker. How’re you feeling about the release?

U-God:  Yeah it’s all good man, you know, I’m cool man just happy to still be here still putting out the music and, yeah, everything’s cool man.

HTF: So what can fans expect to hear from the new LP? It’s your fourth studio album, are we hearing a more mature U-God?

U-God: Yeah, definitely more mature, and more aero-dynamic you know, even more better than what I was before.

HTF: I know the album’s with RZA’s Soul Temple Records.

U-God: Yessir.

HTF: How involved was he in the production process?

U-God: Well Y’know, RZA oversees it, he sees what’s going on, gets involved and does what he does with a lot of the stuff.

HTF: And what other artists have you got featuring on the album?

U-God: Well I have Styles P, I got Method Man, I got Inspectah Deck, got Kool Keith, I got GZA and I got my man Scotty Wotty.

HTF: On the track ‘Room keeps spinning’ you mention hitting a Dubstep festival, are you a fan of the British-born genre?

U-God: Dawg I just listen to music. When I’m out I’m always listening to things, y’know when I’m out I’m chillin, I just do what I do y’know, I listen to this I listen to that, it is what it is Y’know what I’m saying?

HTF: I remember there being an album released ‘Wu tang meets the indie culture’ that was full of Wu-Tang Dubstep mixes.

U-God: Yeah, yeah.

HTF: Have you ever thought of spitting over a Dubstep beat?

U-God: Yeah but I gotta find a real good Dubstep tune that, y’know, I gotta get one from scrap, cause y’know I wanna come out with the lyrics, and he gotta be comin out with some poppin shit. Y’know, I wanna fuckin rhyme to a nice Dub beat, know what I’m sayin?

HTF: Any artists off the top of your head you’d think of recruiting?

U-God: Well, I dunno… I’d have to find out this shit man, I mean they all in the UK!

HTF: Of course, so do you like the UK? How do British U-God and Wu-Tang fans compare to fans around the world?

U-God: Man, you know, the fans out here y’all party more man! (laughs)

HTF: So obviously you’re playing Manchester tomorrow and Brixton the night after.

U-God: Yessir.

HTF: And that’s the Wu-tang 20th anniversary tour, the 20th anniversary of Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)

U-God: Yeah man.

HTF: So what I was wondering, is if you had to take a guess, what do you think the Wu-Tang Clan will be doing on the 36th anniversary of the 36 Chambers?

U-God: (Laughs) Well, I hope I’m still here, I hope shit’s still crackin, I hope I won’t lose my mind y’know what I’m sayin?

HTF: And do you think it’ll still be going off, think you’ll still be touring?

U-God: Yeah hopefully, hopefully.

HTF: Cool, well I’ve heard you all in the past describe the Wu-Tang Clan as a family.

U-God: yeah.

HTF: Obviously your latest track is called ‘Family reunion’ and I was just wondering if you all have the typical family bickering, or is it all smooth?

U-God: Captain, nothing ain’t ever smooth, nothing’s ever smooth here. And I’d be sittin here lying to you if it really was like that my G, y’know what I’m sayin?

HTF: Yeah of course.

U-God: Yeah you know where I’m comin from.

HTF: So, I’m desperate to hear about the ODB hologram that’s gonna be at Rock The Bells.

U-God: Yeah.

HTF: How’s that all shaping up?

U-God: Well, I don’t really know what’s going on, and his family has to approve a lot of things, so I’m just more or less watching bruh, I’ll sit back and see how it shapes out, know what I’m sayin?

HTF: So you’ve got Elzhi working with you on the album who’s obviously from Detroit.

U-God: Yeah yeah man, I got Elzhi featuring on the album.

HTF: Well what I was thinking, you know, this week we’ve heard about Detroit filing for bankruptcy

U-God: Wow.

HTF: And what I was wondering was how you feel knowing a city as huge as Detroit has ended up in such a bad way

U-God: Well, we don’t know how it’s going my G, I’m not a politician y’know? I’m not a politician. I’m just more or less standing my ground and watching the world go up in flames half the time (laughs) Right? What can we fuckin do, what can we do, we can’t do shit man, we just sit back and watch the fireworks man, know what I’m sayin? That’s all we can do man.

HTF: A lot of the big Hip-Hop artists come from environments with a bit of hardship, and the Detroit scene’s huge at the minute, and I was thinking, would you agree with that if there is hard times in the areas, then those areas generally produce more Hip-Hop talent?

U-God: Urmm, I really can’t tell my G, y’know Hip-Hop talent is crazy, y’know, some artists come out with incredible shit, and maybe the places with the most struggle and hardship, they might come out with the best shit y’know. It is what it is, y’know what I’m sayin?

HTF: Okay cool, well that’s about it man, any last messages for the fans, anything you wanna plug?

U-God: All I’m gonna say man, I love ya’ll, and thankyou for having me my G, thanks for shoutin me out, and hopefully I can deliver some more good music for ya’ll, get Hip-Hop really back on course, and um, just keep it movin man y’know what I’m sayin?

HTF: Yeah of course, well U-God, it’s been a huge pleasure and thank you for your time.

U-God: Thankyou captain. Peace.


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