Interview: Silent Screams (HTF Exclusive) (Download Festival Preview)

Silent-Screams-InterviewSilent Screams are based in the Midlands but have racked up tours across Europe, UK and Australia supporting all manners of bands from Bring Me The Horizon, Your Demise, Emmure and Parkway Drive. What busy bee’s they’ve been in their four years as band. Last year saw Joel Heywood take over on vocal duties when ex- frontman James Ryan was forced to leave the band due to personal commitments.

2013 marks the bands first appearance at Download Festival where the band will play on the Red Bull Stage on Saturday at 2.45pm. Ahead of their performance we caught up with Ossie, check out what happened here.

You can check out more about Silent Screams over at their facebook page:

HTF: Are you Download regulars or virgins?

Ossie: In Playing terms, we are virgins so we hope download is gentle with us! Although some members of the band have been to the festival before.

HTF: What bands are you looking forward to seeing?

O: Me personally, I can’t wait to see a slipknot again mainly! others like Parkway Drive, A day to Remember, Architects, Papa Roach, Motionless in White the list goes on haha!

HTF: What does it feel like to be playing the Red Bull stage?

O: It feels incredible and still very surreal, after growing up with this festival being the “go to festival” for this type of music. Its very overwhelming!

HTF: Why should people come and see you, can we expect an epic set?

O: You should come see us because no matter what we always put 100% into every show we play and make sure everyone has a rad time!

HTF: What are you going to name your camp?

O: If it were up to me I would name is Camp-Squatch, because sasquatch is rad and he likes to chill and so do we.

HTF: Any camping tips?

O: Do poo in bags and leave them in your tent? That will ruin your weekend I would say.

HTF: What was your first festival experience?

O: I went to slam dunk a few years back, it was really rad a lot of good bands played that year.

HTF: Best band you’ve seen at a festival?

O: Probably of mice & men. I saw them when shayley had left and Austin was on double duty singing and screaming and he killed it. Whilst keeping complete control of the crowd. Really admirable.

HTF: If you could only bring three things to a festival what would they be?

O: Food, Water and the chill, always take the chill with you. anywhere you go. you need to have chill time.

HTF: Weirdest thing you’ve done or witnessed at a festival?

O: Incidentally at the same slam dunk I went too there was a dude partied out way to early lying on the grass. Loads of people were lying next to him and dressing him up and shit and taking pictures, not in a malicious way just having a good time. It’s just funny cos he was like famous and he didn’t even know it. Haha!

Interview by: Amber Carniage

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