Gibson Reveal The Min-ETune™

gibson-min-etune-system-mounted-640-80Tuning a guitar is the bane of all guitarists’ lives. Not only does the skill take a while to master, it’s time consuming actually doing it. Now, legendary guitar manufactures Gibson have unveiled the Min-ETune™, an automated device that tunes your guitar for you, in seconds.

The Min-ETune™ is a small, battery-operated tuning system that is attached to the back of the guitar, completely invisible from the front. Although it is attached, you are still able to adjust the tuning pegs manually, or you can just turn on the device, select any of the 12 popular tunings – as well as 6 of your own you can programme – and strum!

The Min-ETune™ is available on a variety of Gibson guitars, from the Les Paul ‘50s Tribute with Min-ETune™ to the SG ‘70s Tribute with Dirty Fingers and Min-ETune™, suiting all preferences and styles.  They’ll be great for the touring professional, the undiscovered fanatic and even the inexperienced beginner.

Intrigued? You can read more about the invention on Gibson’s official website here.

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