Review: Fake Blood- Cells (Album)

fake-blood-cells-album-cover-different-recordingsArtist: Fake Blood

Release: Cells (Album)

Release Date: Out Now

Even though he chooses to go by the name of Fake Blood, an entirely contrasting persona is  conveyed as we believe that he is as real as it gets in the dance game.  Fake Blood, or Theo Keating’s, music is a pure mix of massive drops and experimental rhythms giving of an inviting aroma to even the most astray of listeners.  His debut LP ‘Cells’ has been called out as one of the most prospective dance albums of last year, and for very good reason.  Let us explain why.

‘Yes/No’ is first of the mark. Its fresh, doesn’t sound like a sore attempt to reach stardom and dare we say, annoyingly memorable after only reaching 1 minute in.  The alternative beats are fetching because they signal broad smiles and excitement all round as the listener is taken further into the realms of ‘Cells’.

The previously experienced antics of exclusive and alluring experimentation of the turntables are retained in both ‘Airbrushed’ and ‘End Of Day’s restraining the listener in almost a sense of attractive solitary confinement, were they can lose themselves within the creative crevices of the Fake Blood sound.

Leading single, ‘All In The Blink’, welcomes the first set of vocals thus far and what a beautiful delivery we are blessed with.  Bouncy techno melodies and strong kick- drum accompaniments do all the talking as to why Theo Keating’s compositions are some of the best in the over-populated world of dance.

Fake Blood’s re-assuring original take on the dance genre is further played out on both the colourful ‘Let It Go’ and relaxing ‘Soft Machine’ with the delicate female vocal delivery on the latter constructing a comfortable atmosphere that entrances the listener into a memorable softening slumber.  Let us tell you that not many musicians can successfully achieve such a lasting effect on the listener through their music alone.

‘Contact’ sends us packing from our holiday in ‘Cells’.  An aptly named album closer for a record of this magnitude, for the simple fact that we as the listener have felt that we have been in touch with Theo Keating and his superb role as Fake Blood right from the start, straight through to impeccable finaleWe feel that through all of the touching melodies and glistening beats that he has bestowed upon us, that we have learnt more about this man than we could ever have done in civilised conversation.  Let ‘Cells’ be a lesson to you that the power of music is an element that no lab coated upper class scientist will ever be able to explain.  ‘Cells’ is a statement to the world, and a statement that should never be forgotten.


Reviewer: Alister Ross

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