Benicàssim Festival Announce More Bands!

The awesome Benicàssim festival has announced a whole load of new bands for this years event including At The Drive In, The Maccabees, Bat For Lashes and many more! Benicàssim takes place between July 9th-15th 2012 .

The new announcements join the already confirmed The Stone Roses, New Order, Florence + The Machine, Noel Gallagher´s High Flying Birds, David Guetta, De La Soul, Dizzee Rascal, The Horrors, Bombay Bicycle Club, The Vaccines as well as a whole host of others.

4 day tickets are available for £155, which include 8 days of free camping

VIP tickets are also on sale for £270 which also include 8 days free camping

Tickets for the VIP camping area; VillaCamp are also available. More information and sales at

Get more information at the official website over at –

Here’s a run down of all the latest lineup additions….

At The Drive-In

One of the most marked characteristics of this band from El Paso, Texas, was their strange, poignant sound; a complex skeleton where nothing was gratuitous. They created three cult albums for fans of the less indulgent post-hardcore.

Cedric Bixler-Zavala and Omar Rodríguez-López, who also form part of The Mars Volta, Jim Ward, Paul Hinojos and Tony Hajjar have broken their eleven year silence and are back to play in a series of concerts that will prove that their songs are anything but stagnated and are as abrasive as when they were included in albums such as “Acrobatic Tenement” (1996), “In/Casino/Out” (1998) and “Relationship Of Command” (2000).

Their comeback has no intention of becoming a nostalgic rendezvous and will put us in touch again with a band that seems bent on stirring memories to prove their music burns as strong as always. We’re sure “Metronome Arthritis”, “Rolodex Propaganda” or “Invalid Litter Dept” will be heard at the festival to dispel any doubts.

The Maccabees

The career of this group from Brighton has been forged slowly, with each album’s maturity and its respective live reflection. The Maccabees’ calm and understated but unstoppable ascent can only be understood in this setting.

The band was created in 2003 by Orlando Weeks, Robert Thomas, Rupert Jarvis, Sam Doyle and the brothers Hugo and Felix White taking the name, with no further connotation for them, from the tribe of the Biblical passages. Their love of pop and rock is apparent in their own musical tastes, liking groups such as Talking Heads, The Kinks, Dr. Feelgood, The Smiths, XTC, and it paved the way for what would later become “Colour It In”, published in 2007.

This work would be followed by “Walls Of Arms” (2009) and the latest “Given To The Wild”. Three sound, concentrated, rock albums that contain songs such as “X-Ray”, “Latchmere”, “First Love”, “About Your Dress”, “No Kind Words”, “Can You Give It”, “Pelican” or “Child”, and sustain a band with a long way to go.

Dave Clarke

For any fan of electronic music, Dave Clark is a symbol of respect with an impeccable career. Known as The Baron of Techno, he’s been producing albums and doing sessions for many years around the world, from an ideological stance heir to punk’s self-management and a passion for music over and above stylistic constraints. That’s why he gets excited discussing The Damned or Devo as well as the golden house from Chicago and the most underground electro.

This British musician who has remixed the works, amongst others, of Gary Numan, Depeche Mode, Dj Hell, Laurent Garnier, Fischerspooner, Underworld or Chicks On Speed, also masters his own works. “Archive One” (1996), “Devil’s Advocate” (2003) and “Remixes & Rarities” (2006), are good example of this technomaster’s rhythmic force.

Little Dragon

Little Dragon’s mix of experimental pop, R&B, new wave and electro will visit Benicàssim for the first time on the wings of the critical acclaim received by their three albums, the stimulating “Little Dragon” (2007), “Machine Dreams” (2009) and “Ritual Union” (2011).

This quartet from Gothenburg is formed by Erik Bodin, Fredrik Källgren, HÃ¥kan Wirendstran, Arild Welking and the charismatic vocalist Yukimi Nagano. Yes, the same Nagano who added her voice to Gorillaz’ repertoire in songs such as “Empire Ants” and “To Binge”, and gives her characteristic stamp to a group praised by Big Boi from Outkast, the soulman Raphael Saadiq, Questlove from The Roots, DJ Shadow and Damon Albarn himself. If this weren’t enough, Little Dragon has collaborated with Dave Sitek from TV On The Radio and SBTRKT.

If you still don’t know them, rummage through their albums, it won’t take you long to find more than enough reasons to not miss their live act as a completely converted and devoted fan.

Bat For Lashes

Each and every one of the songs written by Natasha Kahn holds a treasure that can only come from the creativity of someone special. It’s no surprise the huge Scott Walker collaborated with her in “The Big Sleep”, one of her best songs.

The British multi-instrumentalist successfully fuses eras and styles in her songs, taking them to a commendable sphere of intimacy and deepness. Her two albums “Fur And Gold” (2006) and “Two Suns” (2009), explore a universe that unveils experiences in pop tones that subtly brush shoulders with the most enveloping electro. These sounds could put her in the same family, up to a point, as another icon of singularity such as the always current Kate Bush. And, best of all, she always manages to create those personal atmospheres without being lofty and long-winded.


“Living On The Edge Of Time” is the result of a break Pierre-Alexander Busson took after an intense period of working and touring. In it, this artful electronic pop creator continues his adventure as Yuksek, an adventure that left a great aftertaste with his first album “Away From The Sea” (2009).

The Reims, France, native set out to make an album in which all available resources are at the service of his songs, and he succeeds in reflecting an outstanding gallery of rhymes and melodies with a healthy dose of synthesizers and effects. If you haven’t had the opportunity, you can see a live performance of this producer also known for his remixes for Tiga, Kaiser Chiefs, Siriusmo, M83, Ghostface Killah, Noah & The Wale, The Gossip, Fenech-Soler or Katy Perry amongst many others. And if you still want more, you can follow him in his parallel projects as Peter & The Magician and The Krays.


Each time the name of Ed Banger’s label shows up it’s for taking delight and pride in one of the members of his team. And Sebastian Akchoté is no exception to this rule. If we take a close look, we’ll see that he, SebastiAn, is one of the most obvious representatives of that carefree way of exposing rhythm from the French label.

This actor, musician, DJ and remixer who has several mixes, all in vibrant electro with a pop aftertaste, under his belt, has composed the screenplay for “Steak”, Mr. Oizo’s film and for “Notre Jour Viendra”, by Roman Gavras. He has also remixed Daft Punk, Klaxons, Cut Copy, Mylo, The Rapture, Bloc Party, Kelis, The Kills, Editors or Rage Against The Machine as well as producing Kavinsky and Uffie. What more could we ask for? Well, making us dance like only he can, as master of the dance floor.

Pony Bravo

Hearing them it’s easy to understand why they call such different groups, such as Can, Radio Futura, Pere Ubu, Bambino, Burning Spear or Serge Gainsbourg, amongst others, as their as favourites. Pony Bravo levels out these diverse tastes in their songs. The quartet from Seville published an album “Un Gramo De Fe” (2011), which placed them at the forefront of those bands that boast a distinct personality and songs of obvious quality.

In 2008 the band produced an EP titled “El Miedo a Nada” which showed glimpses of their ability for combining several elements on top of open minded rock and is key to understanding the sound and lyrics by Daniel Alonso, Pablo Peña, Darío del Moral and Javier Rivera. The imprint left by their work is already calling for new material.

Klaus & Kinski

“Ojo Por Diente” leads the way for Klaus & Kinski’s new album and has made clear from the start, that the duo from Murcia is following the evolutionary path hinted by their beginnings.

Alejandro Martínez Moya and Marina Gómez Carruthers forge on, following the bearings of their own universe and they do it as if strolling through many different genres without having to force anything. Pop, kraut-rock, sonnets, habaneras or dream-pop brush each other all along in “Herreros Y Fatigas”, their new album published by Jabalina. Fourteen songs efficiently added to those contained in their other albums, “Tu Hoguera Está Ardiendo” (2008), “Tierra Trágalos” (2010), and the EPs “Por Qué No Me das Tu Dinero” (2009) and “Plan A, Plan B” (2011), are all full of this couple’s unique imagery.


Their first concert in our country was at Benicàssim and it opened the doors of Spanish clubs for this quartet of dubliners whose story began in 2005 and, just like their admired Pixies, The Clash or Arcade Fire, the best test for the effect of their music is in their live performance.

Rónan Yourell, Kieran McGuinness, Níal Conlan and Ross McCormick debuted with “In Love With Detail” (2007), followed by “You Can Make Sound” (2009). Both albums sound like contemporary pop of bridges and choruses. “Little Sparks” is a preview of their new work. And it seems we’re in for more of those bridges and choruses they design so well.

The Secret Society

As stated on the web page of their record label, Gran Derby, things are always happening at The Secret Society, everything changes and there’s always movement. Set in motion, the band will go from Madrid to Benicàssim this summer.

Pepo M., who also formed part of the extinct Garzón and is member of Nine Stories and Buena Esperanza, is the engine of a band, that has had many resident musicians, all of which have helped define a series great of recordings for Acuarela. “Peores Cosas Pasan En El Mar” (2011), reasserts pop full of attitude from a composer who, with songs such as “Las Pistas Falsas Conducen Al Desamor”, “Si Pudiste Con Tanto Dolor, Podrás Con Esto” or “Cuídate, Cowboy!” with Alondra Bentley’s fantastic contribution, is building a vibrant structure, brick by brick.

Lisa Hannigan

Damien Rice saw in this Irish composer and singer someone with true possibilities. He wasn’t mistaken and neither were The Frames or the mythical Herbie Hancock when asking Lisa Hanningan to give voice to their songs..

Encountering the beauty of her melodies is a gift in which one is influenced by a voice that tells tales enveloped in fragile layers of folk sounds. “Sea Sew” (2008) and “Passenger” (2011) draw attention on themselves as accomplices, with the confidence of well-built records, resistant to the passing of time and fashions. Maybe that’s why her covers, pretty pastimes adorned by her voice, of singers such as Joni Mitchell, Roy Orbison, Nina Simone or Janis Joplin, are more than mere anecdotes.

Juanita Y Los Feos

Under the influx of the brilliant idea of “fooling around in a rehearsal room” the Madrid based band Juanita Y Los Feos perpetrate their punk wave with a shrewd approach towards pop that has you inevitably jumping up and down with the first chords of “Maldito Desagradecido”, “Baila Como Un Robot”, “Sisebuto” or “No Tengo Ritmo”, among other gems.

In all their work, from their first namesake album, recorded in 2007, to EPs such as “Robot Gigante Avanzado” (2006), “Angelines / Doberman” (2009) or “Despacho Oval” (2011), and the latest, explosive, “Pesadilla Adulta”, published by Munster, Juanita, Fa, Ángel, Rafa y Aníbal, set distances from any possible scene by getting a hold on every possible sound they come upon so they always feel fresh.

Sons Phonetic

From Ireland we receive the unhurried and reflective hip hop of Sons Phonetic. In the midst of circular cadences, the verses, loops and breaks of Zaruq, Mouse Hughes, Kav, Tommy Tyler and Sammy Dozens develop brushstrokes in which personal and social observations go hand in hand with the rhythm with great results.

“Twelve Labours” (2011), is the album that sustains Sons Phonetic, also known as Correkt Minds, in a proposal they claim was born to “hit hard”. In this declaration of intentions we can sense the quartet’s desire to lay the foundations of a career in which container and content conduct the flow to a state of activity that reaches over and above simple entertainment thanks to trumps like “Casino”, “Danger Danger”, “State Of Shock” or “Domino Effect”.

Ham Sandwich

Ham Sandwich might not be all that well known. This is the perfect time and place to delve in the songs of this Irish quartet. We’re sure their live performance will be straightforward and festive, as there’s no other way of describing the punch of songs such as “Keepsake”, “Oh-Oh” or “White Fox”.

Podge McNamee, Niamh Farrell, Ollie Murphy and Darcy debuted in 2008 with “Carry The Meek”, critically acclaimed for the virtues of a style of pop-rock that in “White Fox” (2010) maintains and increases the exposition level of four musicians that, coming from indie classicism, achieve songs that immediately stick to your ears.

Arp Attack

Arp Attack, the brand new winners of the Fast Track competition, will sharpen their instruments to play a carefree, danceable repertoire cemented on fun pop minutes and electronic glimpses which have made them regulars on the BBC and taken them to play at the T in The Park festival.

They were finalists of the Road To V. competition as Jazica but, once they discarded the acoustic sound of their beginnings, Frankie, Chris and Kev renamed themselves as Arp Attack, this was just the change they needed to take a step further; the step that has brought them to play at Benicàssim.

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